Kosé Cosmeport May New Launch Products

September 03, 2019

If you are into Japan beauty products, Kosé Cosmeport is a well-known brand that hits Malaysia market. Kosé Cosmeport was founded in 1988 by Kose Corporation from Tokyo, Japan that target middle-class consumer with high-quality products at affordable price.

I am attracted to Kosé Cosmeport when the brands available in Malaysia. Kosé Cosmeport has a wide range of skincare and toiletries products such as face mask, Face wash, Suncreen, Shampoo and conditioner. Teeni Enterprise Sdn Bhd is the official distributor for Kosé Cosmeport beauty products in Malaysia.

There are total 4 brands under Kosé Cosmeport which included Clear Turn, Softymo skincare range; Je L'aime and Salon Style for hair care range.

Clear Turn 

Clear Turn is No. 1 selling product in the sheet mask category for eight years in a row that contains beautifying ingredients that target different skin concern. An extensive selection from full-face masks to dedicated masks for around the eyes and mouth. A five to ten-minute intensive care treatment brings a relaxing experience and you can feel the amazing skincare effect immediately after use.

One of my favourite mask is Kosé Cosmeport Clear Turn Babyish Face Mask. Priced at RM23.90 for 7 sheets in one pack. Formulated with skin conditioning ingredients such as Baby Mint and Chamomile which gentle for everyday use. available in 3 types:-

  • Kosé Cosmeport Clear Turn Babyish Moisturizing Mask 7's
  • Kosé Cosmeport Clear Turn Babyish Highly Moisturizing Lustrous Mask 7's
  • Kosé Cosmeport Clear Turn Babyish White Mask 7's


Softymo offers in a wide variety of lineup with particular care to skin issues, pleasant sensations, and beautifying ingredients to cater to your needs. The popular cleansers come in an extensive lineup of oil, liquid, gel, cream, foam, lotion-based products, cleansers for particular areas and sheet-type cleansers.

Plus point to highly is their face cleanser that able clear off makeup, impurities and dirt that clogged pores with mild and dense foam. Priced at RM39.90 for 190g.

  • Kosé Cosmeport Softymo Cleansing Foam Collagen 190g
  • Kosé Cosmeport Softymo Cleansing Foam Hyaluronic Acid 190g
  • Kosé Cosmeport Softymo Cleansing Foam White 190g


Suncut is Japan no.1 Suncare brand for 7 years in a row and now offer more variants in their extensive range of sunscreen products! From UV gel to milk, essence or their bestselling sun protection spray, you can have it your way when it comes to protecting your skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun.

Kosé Cosmeport Suncut Perfect UV Range the best-selling Perfect UV sunscreen in 3 different variants - milk, essence and spray. Lightweight texture and non-sticky feeling. The sunscreen is strongly withstood sweat, water, sebum and friction and with maximum UV protection factor. 

  • Kosé Cosmeport Suncut UV Spray Siper Water Proof (RM69.90)
  • Kosé Cosmeport Suncut UV Essence Super Water Proof (RM59.90)
  • Kosé Cosmeport Suncut UV Milk Super Water Proof (RM59.90)

For more information regarding Kosé Cosmeport, find out more at http://www.kosecosmeport.co.jp or follow them on Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/kosecosmeportmalaysia

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