HōMUplus+ Nourishing Conditioner - Keep Your Hair Healthy and Volumize

September 27, 2019

Have you ever take charge of your own life? How many artificial chemicals in the market? And this number keeps growing. The toothpaste, cosmetics, baby products, food, detergents, shampoo, conditioner and many other consumer goods that we use in our daily life. We live in a world of chemicals. The US Environmental Protection Agency report further elaborates that there are 30 different types of carcinogens in the fat cells of an average American and 60% to 90% of the causes of cancer are closely related to our life habits.

We can change our daily habits by choosing 98 Percent's HōMUplus+ organic home use series. And the products are certified by international authorities and obtained relevant organic certifications.  In this post, I will be sharing about HōMUplus+ Nourishing Conditioner. For those that know me well, I am a person that doesn't use conditioner after the shampoo process. The reason behind, some of the conditioner contain high chemical and it makes your hair dry. But HōMUplus+ Nourishing Conditioner is exceptional in my list. 

HōMUplus+ Nourishing Conditioner 

The conditioner contains natural ingredients such as:-

Shea Butter that rich with Vitamins A, D, E, F that help in hair recovery.

Yuzu Essential Oil- Provide natural air refresher to my hair and I love the light scent on my hair. And it also has an antibacterial function.

Aloe Vera Extract has antibacterial properties and accelerates wound healing.

Calendula Flower extract helps to soothe dry, irritated and redness skin.

Wheat Protein good in repairs hair and protect our scalp

Shea Butter rich in vitamin A, D, E, F and good for hair care and recovery.

This conditioner smelled so refreshing and it made my hair feel the cleanest it has in a long time. After rinsing, it almost felt like I hadn’t used any conditioner.

I could run a brush through my short-length hair easily after my shower, and I have incredibly tangly hair. the conditioner can be used as a hair treatment product by applying it directly on damp hair after showering and leaving it in, without rinsing off.

Why choosing HōMUplus+ Nourishing Conditioner?

The ingredients are certified by ECOCERT as you can have peace of mind when using it. It left my hair moisture, healthy, smooth and manageable. Start a healthy scalp with HōMUplus+ Nourishing Conditioner.

This conditioner made my hair look amazing! So much texture and volume. Check out HōMUplus+ Nourishing Conditioner at here: https://www.98percent.com/index.php?route=product/nature_conditioner

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