September 16, 2019

Cooking can be fun and tasty with Ajinomoto. Recently, Ajinomoto (Malaysia) Berhad has come up with a NEW all-in-one seasoning, “Rasa Sifu” to make home-cooked food taste just like in restaurants!

Create magic with “Rasa Sifu”, whereby you get to experience a unique ‘wok taste’ in your cooking. ‘wok taste’ is translated as ‘breath of the wok’,  mean a unique complex flavour imparted when you stir-fry dishes under intense heat, which you normally cannot achieve at home.

Amid much clanging of utensils, chefs in restaurants are often seen showing off their skills, tossing ingredients about and constantly stir-frying. Sometimes, the food catches fire and just as suddenly, the flame dies out. All these contribute to the fragrant aroma wafting through the air, and the scent reaches you even before the food arrives on your table.

Thanks to “Rasa Sifu”, however, you don’t have to go through all that trouble as you can now prepare restaurant quality food in the comfort of your own kitchen. Cooking is made so much easier and faster with “Rasa Sifu” all-in-one seasoning that comes in powder form. The ‘oyster sweetness’ is among the unique flavor of this powdered seasoning. It contains just the right proportion of basic seasoning, oyster flavored sauce, well-sautéd garlic and onion, and other special ingredients to enhance your cooking with that special wok-taste and oyster sweetness.

“Rasa Sifu” also makes frying vegetables more delicious than before so your Children will now enjoy eating them more which increases the intake of greens resulting in a more balanced diet. Going out to eat would be a thing of the past as you can now easily whip up delicious, appetizing meals that are consistently tasty. Eating at home more often is not only healthier as you know exactly what goes into the food, it also promotes family bonding. Thanks to your new secret ingredient, you will impress family and friends with your dishes, and what's more, you get to save money!

“Rasa Sifu” offers a whole new taste experience, so make sure you pick up a packet today! Sold at supermarkets, hypermarkets, grocery stores, and convenience stores, “Rasa Sifu” is available in 20g, 100g and 300g packs. For more information, do check out Ajinomoto website https://www.ajinomoto.com.my/ and Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MyAjinomoto/

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