September 21, 2019

When preparing a Spaghetti or Macroni, you can miss the key ingredient: the sauce. I usually will prefer Prego brands as it delivers an authentic and tasty flavor. 

In fact, Malaysians, have become even more food-crazed, if we go by social media postings. There are constant status updates that revolve around food – eating, cooking, hunting for the best stalls, sharing of recipes, restaurant recommendations and latest trend. 

And we do love Mac & Cheese when preferring Italian dishes. It is comfort food that has graced its way onto Malaysian stores and homes; and is prepared in numerous styles with various ingredients.

With the current population of 31.95 million, over 63% of the population consume meals 3 times a day with dinner being the main contributor, at 80%, prepared by their mums. These kids grow up relishing their mums cooking. They leave the nest to pursue their education and career. They sometimes end up neglecting their meals or resort to surviving on takeaway or even noodles. By doing so, it affects their health. They tend to look out for convenient ways to cook a meal without burning a hole in their pocket.

May Lim, Managing Director, Campbell South East Asia Sdn Bhd said, “The introduction of the new Prego Mac & Cheese Pasta Sauce, signals the beginning of their culinary journey as they are able to cook up a wholesome meal within a short time. They are now able to enjoy a delicious and appetizing meal in the comfort of their home. They don’t have to be a Michelin Star to do so!

Adding to her speaks “The new pasta sauce that is rich and creamy, enables them to experiment with various food combination as they assimilate their own dish in no time at all, while leveraging on the versatility."

Introduce the new version Prego Mac & Cheese Pasta Sauce is created for consumers to have a wholesome meal while juggling with work or assignments. It offers the opportunity to experiment with western flavours as consumers are always interested in trying out new flavors. It is an excellent choice that suits any occasion.

“With the current craze of Malaysians crosses experimenting with other food variation, it will be interesting to see how creative they can be in creating an entirely brand new recipe of Mac & Cheese with a Malaysian twist. The Prego Mac & Cheese Pasta Sauce is the perfect option to evoke any western experiment,” concluded May Lim.

The Prego Mac & Cheese Pasta Sauce is priced at RM 6.49 and is available at all hypermarkets and supermarkets throughout the country.

Prego, a brand that specializes in pasta sauces of Campbell Malaysia is an established multinational food company. It is known to produce Prego pasta sauces that are made from juicy, vine-ripened tomatoes that comes in a variety of flavours to satisfy consumers’ taste buds. It offers a range of delicious pasta sauces that can be prepared at home. Now everyone can enjoy a delicious bowl of Prego Mac & Cheese anytime, anywhere with minimal effort!

About Campbell Soup Malaysia

Prego, the market leader of pasta sauces in Malaysia offers delicious and easy to prepare solutions to cook pasta at home. Prego pasta sauces are made from juicy, vine-ripened tomatoes and come in a variety of flavours to satisfy everyone's taste buds. Deliciously thick and rich, the wholesome homemade flavour is evident in every bite. Prego pasta sauces give a fresh twist to a traditional recipe and also add a whole new palate of taste to the family's home cooked meal. 

Like all good meals, Prego's pasta sauces are ideal for family moments, friendship moments and loving moments full of passion and delight! 

Prego is a brand of Campbell Malaysia, an established multinational food company. Learn more about us at

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