August 12, 2019

Still remember my previous post whereby I share the benefits of choosing Yoodo? Yoodo gives you a freedom of choice and flexibility in choosing your plan and 'Roam Like Home' international roaming plan. Yoodo, Malaysia’s first fully customizable and 100% digital mobile service celebrated its growing base of users. Yoodo Presents treated their users to a one-of-a-kind simultaneous on-ground and online concert experience.

Thousands of Yoodo users join in the festivities on-ground as well as on Facebook live, to enjoy a night serenaded by the local indie musicians. The acts that lit-up the stage with their sensational performances were Modescape, An Honest Mistake, A.Ron, Battle Bloom, Nadhira and long-time local favourite Sevencollar T-Shirt.

Thanks to Yoodo, I get to experience the live concert at Battle Bloom.  The head of Yoodo, Chow Tuck Mun mentions “Today’s event was a perfect reflection of Yoodo’s commitment in promoting local talents and bringing Yoodoers a memorable experience”. Added to his speak, “Whether it is gaming, sports or music, Yoodo is always ready to support talents and to fuel their passion.”

The event was held in conjunction with the culmination of the Yoodo Presents series. This event was Malaysia’s first interactive online concert series that began on 6th of June 2019 featuring streamed performance by bands every week. These sessions were a hit racking up close to a million views in total and allowing fans to interact directly with the bands and win exclusive Yoodo merchandise.

“Yoodo Presents has been a great platform in highlighting these fantastic local indie musicians. The event today is the climax to the series and I hope it has inspired young talents locally. It’s all part of Yoodo’s greater commitment to empower Malaysians to achieve their dreams no matter what it may be,” Tuck Mun added.

The unique concert was the most recent in a long line of community engagement initiatives organised by Yoodo, as it strengthens its position as the go to Telco for users. Since its launch in 2018, Yoodo has notched up achievement after achievement and recorded numerous firsts thereby garnering a strong following of supportive users.

Outside of its core business, Yoodo has been the first to support various lifestyle segments particularly within gaming. Yoodo has served as the first Digital Telco sponsor for Malaysia’s first Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) MOBILE National Championship (PMNC), unveiled their own PUBG MOBILE e-sports team – Yoodo Gank as well as organise a monthly online PUBG competition – Beat the Champs. Looking to champion on-ground sports and local talent, Yoodo has also stepped in to sponsor the new Malaysia Futsal Premier League.

“Yoodo is still comparatively new but things have been very exciting for us and our users. We have been really ramping up our efforts to give back to our community particularly with new and exciting events in gaming, sports and of course music with the finale of Yoodo Presents. We are grateful for the continued support of our Yoodoers and look forward to delivering more exciting features and experience that wows our users in the coming months,” Tuck Mun added.

For more information on Yoodo, their specialized add-ons, current promotions and other Yoodo features, please visit: www.yoodo.com.my

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