The beauty of ARISSTO Coffe & ARISSTO Teapresso - Malaysia Coffee Fest 2019

July 28, 2019

The biggest Malaysia Coffee Fest is back at 1 Utama Shopping Centre on 25th -28th July 2019. Coffee-lovers and public get to enjoy more than 100 local and international brands from 35 exhibitors.

If you are passionate towards coffee or tea, Malaysia Coffee Fest is the best place to grab your premium coffee or tea, learning more about coffee or tea knowledge, witness the coffee championships and a mini latte art competition or even meet the successful owner that willing to share their passion towards coffee and tea. I was there on the first day to check out my favorite brand, ARISSTO.

ARISSTO has drawn crowd attention as tea and coffee lovers get to taste and brew their on favorite coffee or tea. ARISSTO is more than a coffee. Each of ARISSTO's signature flavors is expertly crafted by Italian Coffee Masters. ARISSTO brings out the pureness of the coffee.

The crowd get to try out ARISSTO coffee for free and experience the brewing process whereby you learn how to brew more than 10 authentic Italian fine coffees such as cappuccino, latte, mocha and espresso. At the same time explore the evolutionary RM 1 Rental Plan that receive impressive response.

Addition to ARISSTO Italian Premium Coffee , the brand also launching ARISSTO Teapresso that newly launched in July 2019. Tealovers will get to taste the nice aroma of the tea that brew using high pressure machine. Inspired by the high pressure steam technology of Italy Espresso, ARISSTO combine the tea in the capsule technologies to create the art of Teapresso. 

With the advanced technologies that introduce by ARRISTO, you can brew your tea and enjoy it anytime. Simple step as you just need to put in ARISSTO Tea Capsule into the ARISSTO high-pressure steam brewing machine. Press one button and the machine will work by itself. Create your own art of tea by adding either milk, honey, ginger or even rose. You will never get boring with ARISSTO Teapresso as it will bring flavourful to your tea life.

Why choosing Teapresso?

The new ARISSTO TeaPresso seals tea leaves into patented capsules that help preserve its freshness and maintain the pureness of the tea.

Insert a tea capsule into the ARISSTO Capsule Machine, press the button and, 19 bars of pressurized steam will be injected into the tea capsule to release the tea essence in 30 seconds.

I love the frehness of the tea as you won't get to taste the bitterness of the tea and is far better than brewing a standard tea bags.

The speciality of tea is fresh, pure and nice aroma of the tea as ARISSTO tea experts travelled across China, India, Sri Lanka, Kenya and Turkey to carefully handpick a selection of high-quality teas and added European fruits, flowers and herbs to create a premium tea collection.

Teapresso is available in 5 flavours: Ceylon Black Tea, Green Tea, Earl Grey, Rose Black Tea and Passion Fruit Black Tea.

ARISSTO is a 100% subsidiary of NEP Group which is the holding company of DIAMOND purifying water brand. Apart from introducing the revolutionary capsule coffee from Italy, known as the holy place for coffee into Malaysia market, it has also launched the RM1 coffee machine plan which has stunned the coffee market. ARISSTO coffee and the coffee machine is one of the leading brands in the market, well-received by close to one million consumers.

Find out more regarding ARISSTO Coffee and Teapresso by check out ARISSTO official website:

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