August 06, 2019

I am a big fans of Mamonde skincare products. Latest update from Mamonde as the popular Moisture Ceramide range which is known for its ultra-hydrating properties has just been reintroduced as Ceramide – displaying the key ingredient of this range. The Ceramide range which consists of the Skin Softener, Emulsion, Intense Cream and Light Cream is also formulated with the moisturizing Hibiscus extract apart from ceramide as its key ingredient. 

Through an extensive research to discover the Hibiscus flower’s potentiality in flourishing the beauty inside every woman, Mamonde has uncovered the moisturizing properties contained in the Hibiscus flower that could offer flawless hydration to the skin. Therefore, the Hibiscus was identified as the floral ingredient for this hydration range. The perfect combination of both the moisturizing Hibiscus extract and Ceramide help strengthen the skin’s outer barrier by holding moisture close to the skin. This range is therefore suitable for dry and dehydrated skin and upon application, skin instantly feels fresh and moisturised without leaving any sticky residue. 

In conjunction with Malaysia Day and also in celebrating the Hibiscus as the national flower of Malaysia, Mamonde is offering a special promotion for the Ceramide range exclusively at Watsons stores nationwide from 15th August to 14th October 2019. During this period, customers can enjoy 10% off the Ceramide range with an additional 5x points for Watsons members. 

The Ceremide range has also received its Halal certification and is therefore officially Muslim-friendly. 

Detailed information of each product in the Ceramide range are as follows: 

· Ceramide Light Cream, 50ml (RM139) 

The Ceramide Light Cream contains double the moisturizing ingredient made up of mainly hibiscus extracts to help strengthen the skin’s moisture barrier leaving the skin moisturised and looking healthy. Similar to the skin’s own components, ceramide is quickly absorbed to offer moisture. Upon application, its soft and light texture melts onto skin to leave a fresh finish. This lighter alternative is perfect for those with combination skin. 

Benefits of the Cream 

· Offers 24-hour hydration with soft and refreshing texture
· Helps to protect and strengthens skin’s moisture barrier to ensure skin is moisturised and hydrated

· Ceramide Intense Cream, 50ml (RM139) 

The Ceramide Intense Cream works just like the Light Cream to provide a boost of moisture to the skin. Similar to the skin’s own components, Ceramide is quickly absorbed to offer moisture. Moreover, the double content of moisturizing ingredient extracted from the Hibiscus helps to strengthen the skin barrier to create a moist and healthy-looking skin. The Ceramide Intense Skin is especially suitable for consumers with flaky, sensitive and rough skin.

Benefits of the Cream 

· Long-lasting intense hydration
· Helps to protect and strengthens skin’s moisture barrier to ensure skin is moisturised and hydrated
· Suitable to be used in between seasons

· Ceramide Skin Softener, 20oml (RM 75) 

An intensive moisturizing toner, the Mamonde Ceramide Skin Softener helps protect the skin’s moisture barrier that is damaged by external environment and to provide a boost of hydration to the skin. This Ceramide Skin Softener also helps in providing deep hydration to the skin without stickiness and it is also infused with Betaine, a moisturizing agent extracted from beet to offer a relaxing moisturizing experience to the skin. 

Benefits of the Cream

· Offers intense hydration to the skin
· Comes with highly moist, viscous translucent liquid texture
· Formulated with ingredients of proven safety and efficacy, suitable for those experiencing flaky/sensitive/rough skin especially during seasonal change.

· Ceramide Emulsion, 150ml (RM 85) 

This is an intensive moisturizing emulsion that helps strengthens weakened skin moisture barrier and at the same time help in providing ample moisture to the skin. The Ceramide Emulsion has a lightweight creamy texture that helps absorb quickly into the skin to provide fresh, bountiful moisture to the skin without feeling sticky. 

Benefits of the Emulsion
· Fresh, smooth finish
· Builds a soft skin moisture barrier without stickines

History on the Hibiscus Flower 

Dubbed the Queen of Tropical Flowers, the Hibiscus is both the national flower of Malaysia and South Korea. After achieving its independence in 1957, Malaysia longed for a national flower to symbolize her identity. In 1958, the Ministry of Agriculture sought proposals for a national flower from all state governments. Found in abundance throughout the country, the Hibiscus Rosa Sinesis was chosen to be the national flower in 1960 by Malaysia's first Prime Minister, Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj. The Hibiscus Rosa Sinensis, also known as the ‘Brilliant Red’ was chosen as it symbolises the nation’s Rukun Negara (principles of nationhood) with its 5 petals. The red colour symbolises the courage and unity of its people. In addition, the many varieties, colour, shapes and sizes of the Hibiscus family reflects the different races, religion and multi-cultural background of the people who live in peace and harmony in Malaysia. The Hibiscus Rosa Sinesis is also locally known as the Bunga Raya. Apart from Malaysia, the Hibiscus has also been crowned the national flower of South Korea. The Hibiscus Syriacus represents South Korea and is also known as the Rose of Sharon. They are pink-mauve single flowers with a dark magenta eye. Known in Korean as Mugunghwa, the flower’s symbolic significance stems from the Korean word mugung, meaning immortality. This word accurately reflects the enduring nature of Korean culture, and the determination and perseverance of the Korean people in times of trials in the past. According to records, the Koreans have treasured the Hibiscus Syriacus since ancient times and have written about the love for the flower in their national anthem

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