August 29, 2019

Hong Kong is unequivocally a paradise for foodies.  What makes a Hong Kong cafe distinct is its wide-ranging menu, made of different kinds of Canto-Western cuisine. Good news for those that love Hong Kong food as EATZ@HongKong will fill your stomach with delicacy food such as delicate souffles, pot lids rattle as the delicious aroma of curry escapes in a puff of steam and little clinks can be heard as tall glasses are filled with ice and the milky concoction of tea and coffee mixed to perfection.

Amidst the string of eateries in The Gardens Mall, EATZ@HongKong is brimming with activity as order after order of tasty colonial-time treats make their way to hungry diners on the opening day of the outlet’s very first store. I am impressed with the design of the cafe and it like transported me to cha chaan tengs in Hong Kong.

What is your favorite Hong Kong food? I am a super fan of Polo bun and egg tart. Ms Valerie Choo, Managing Director of Simply Awesome Sdn Bhd mentions, “Everyone has their own interpretation of Hong Kong cuisine. Some say chicken chop or egg tarts and others may say Polo bun or cheese-baked rice and all of them would be right. This is because Hong Kong has witnessed an ever-evolving menu every decade with the earlier ears somewhat replicating a British-style café.” 

The kitchen is head by Chef Kak Noor and she will ensure the kitchen churns out fresh buns and toasts straight from EATZ@HongKong’s ovens and whilst many grilled-meats come highly recommended, meat-free dishes are available too!

The mastermind behind the delicate food is Chef Johnny Wong. “The team behind this outlet, together with special advisor and Creative Chef Johnny Wong from Hong Kong, has worked extensively on the menu which includes the much-loved favourites like Cheese-baked Chicken Cutlet with Rice, French Toast, Curry Seafood Rice and Grilled Fish Fillet with Spaghetti, to vamped up versions of the classics like Prawn Toast, Satay Beef Rice, Polo Bun with Truffle Scrambled Egg, Milk Tea served on a bed of ice, Osmanthus Jelly and Australian Beef Striploin, to name a few,” Choo added.

With Chef Johnny's experience and his passion for food, he has been guiding Chef Kak Noor and the whole team, to retain the authenticity of this cuisine, and elevate it to greater heights through the use of only the finest ingredients.

According to Chef Kak Noor, “The Malaysian palate is a particularly special one. From sweet to salty, to sour and spicy, we enjoy a variety of flavours, and classic Hong Kong cuisine is especially tantalizing to our taste buds for various reasons. Firstly, the Cantonese flavours are very much a part of our local Chinese food but a more noteworthy reason is our shared history of colonial rule. Distinct tastes favoured by the ‘Mat Salleh’ has played a highly significant role in what we now refer to as Hong Kong cuisine.”

Let's check out some of the delicious food from  EATZ@HongKong's menu:-

Egg Tart

EATZ@HongKong's egg tart is probably one of the flakiest egg tarts in Malaysia. The custard has the right amount of sweetness. Its smooth texture made for a good contrast with the exceedingly crispy tart crust.

Cheese Baked Chicken Cutlet with Rice

Cheese baked chicken cutlet with rice is made out of a tender juicy fried chicken cutlery placed on a bed of fried rice then topped with rich cheese and then baked until the cheese melts. A great all in one meal that everybody would love.

Mini Abalone Dried Scallop with Egg White Fried Rice

The mini abalone dried scallop with egg fried rice might look unattractive to you. But till you try these dishes, you will love the nice aroma of the fried rice and it pair well with fresh mini abalone and dried scallop.

Smoked Ducked in Pumpkin Rice

I love pumpkin rice so much. Pumpkin rice is a healthy and colorful recipe. The pumpkin rice is topped with juicy smoked duck and peas.

Pan-Grilled 180g Australian Beef Striploin with sea-salt served with French bean, broccoli, cauliflower and fries.

The steaks are simply grilled and you can be assured this chef serves meat freshly. One of the best value steak I’ve seen in Eatz@Hong Kong.

Mala Spicy Fishball in Dry Noodle

If you have visited Hong Kong, you can't miss the Mala Spicy fishball. In Eatz@Hong Kong, you can find these dishes and it serves with dry noodle. Customers also can upgrade the noodle to Korean instant noodle. 

Curry Beef Brisket Rice

Creamy Hearty Beef Stew with tender beef in addictively delicious curry. The satisfying deep layers of flavors and luring aromas really satisfied my stomach. Hong Kong Style Curry is another HK classic that captures our hearts.

Polo Bun with Truffle Scramble Egg

Polo Bun with Truffle Scramble Egg is one of the signatures dish at EATZ@Hong Kong. These sweet buns are crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside and typically served warm scramble egg and top with truffle.

Fish Paste Soup Noodle

Curry Seafood Rice

Red Bean Rice Pudding

 Ms. Souffle

Fresh ingredients are key and diners can be assured that all of the sauces used are made in-house to the exacting standards of the Head Chef. From the menu to the wall murals done in collaboration with local mural artists, Aleff Ahmad, and Ong Cai Bin, EATZ@HongKong, shares with its diners, how Hong Kong cuisine has changed through the years. A walk-through of the outlet shows the journey of a transformed Hong Kong from the era of trishaws and heritage hotels to the megacity of trains and double-decker buses that it is today, whilst it’s mirroring wall proudly showcases the city’s renowned delicacies right here in EATZ@HongKong. With ample seating in this all-day dining outlet, diners are assured of a comfortable dine-in experience and the outlet also includes a play area to keep all little friends busy. Whether you’ve watched it on television, saw pictures of them on travel and food blogs or even tried them out in the region’s busiest hub itself, you can’t stop yourself from delicious thoughts about savoring some of Hong Kong’s all-time favorites and EATZ@HongKong is the perfect place to realize those scrumptious dreams.

EATZ@HongKong offers a full spectrum of dining choices, be it breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner or just a light meal. Diners can celebrate with the outlet on its opening with complimentary vouchers for Popcorn Chicken, Iced Milk Tea, Polo Bun, Egg Tart or Cheesy Ball, with a minimum spend of RM30.00 in a single receipt*. This opening promotion extends from 16 to 31 August 2019.


LG-240, Lower Ground Floor,

The Gardens Mall, MidValley City
Business Hour: 8.30am – 10.00pm Daily
Contact: +603 – 2201 0886

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