August 01, 2019

The wait for 'The Face of Healthy Beauty' is finally arrive. The Semi Final was held at Central I-City, Shah Alam. Guardian Malaysia announced FOUR Malaysian women from a field of 16 grand finalists to become ‘The Face of Healthy Beauty’ and to become its brand ambassadors. 

The four winners were;

1.    Karyll Chee Kar-Yee, 23

2.    Nur Aimi Binti Abdul Ghani, 31

3.    Nurul Ezzaty Binti Hasbullah, 23 and

4.    Yasmin Binti Khalid, 23        

These four were declared winners after a two-month nationwide quest that saw over 1,100 entries for this contest including making it pass 400 shortlisted candidates and 100 semi-finalists from 4 different regions in Malaysia.  

For these four women, life will never be the same again.

Each winner will sign a one-year contract as Guardian Brand Ambassador that comes with RM10,000 cash, RM10,000 Guardian vouchers, and RM5,000 each for them to give to a charity organization of their choice. They will also be featured on the Cover of Guardian’s Brand Catalogues and other collaterals and will receive products from participating sponsors.

Touted as the first-of-its-kind in Malaysia, this search for ‘The Face of Healthy Beauty’ was open to all Malaysian females aged 18 years and above. 

Speaking at the Grand Finals, DY Cho, Marketing Director, South East Asia, Guardian Health and Beauty Sdn Bhd said;

The waiting for the Face of Healthy Beauty is finally happen.“This search for the new Guardian Brand Ambassadors has been a very humbling experience for us because we found so many inspirational women who can so easily fit our search criteria as a Healthy Beauty.

These four winners are the living example of Guardian’s brand philosophy that good health is the foundation of true beauty and they will help us spread this message to our customers.  These four newly minted Guardians’ Faces of Healthy Beauty are women who live life to the fullest in a healthy way, and have a distinctive style and pleasant personality.  She is someone with a positive attitude, gives priority to being healthy first; and looks after her physical beauty too,” Cho added.    

In addition to the four winners, there were eight category winners awarded and they were;

1.    Most Healthy (inspired by Blackmores) – Cruzellyn Alex

2.    Most Elegant (inspired by Bio essence) – Palvinder Kaur A/P Savinder Singh

3.    Most Youthful (inspired by Garnier) – Nur Aimi Binti Abdul Ghani

4.    Most Expressive (inspired by L'Oréal) – Karyll Chee Kar-Yee

5.    Most Passionate (inspired by Maybelline) – Nurul Ezzaty Binti Hasbullah

6.    Most Confident (inspired by Nivea) – Alwizah Al Yafii Binti Ahmad Kamal

7.    Most Cheerful (inspired by Safi) – Vanessa Yoong Foong Woon

8.    Most Charming (inspired by TRESemmé) – Nor Marissa Alia Binti Ahmad Lokman

Each of these winners took home a product hamper worth RM500.

As for Guardian customers who voted for their favourite finalist to win at the Grand Finals, please stay tuned to Guardian’s Facebook page to find out which lucky voters are picked by the winners to win RM500 worth of Guardian vouchers.

More details of the search, and the full terms and conditions for participation and details of the Grand Finalists are available at

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