Flatlay Tea Party By The Butterfly Project X From The Top

August 19, 2019

Creating a flat lay photo may look easier to you but how do you get a perfect picture and the right angle? Thanks to The Butterfly Project for putting up this 'Flatlay Tea Party'. Whether you want to start with a sweet photo or up for your personal branding game, let's go through some steps to create a perfect flat lay photo.

Photo credit: The Butterfly Project

And not forget to thanks Emi Goto from Avantgarde Blooms for the sponsor a nice flower for the flatlay workshops. The first rule, do not use fake flowers for your flatlay. 

First of all thank you to our guru of the day, Azrin @_from_the_top . Azrin is a very humble and soft-spoken person. A short introduction of Azrin - She is a lecturer and she will fill her free time to create her flat lay photo and share in her IG. And her friend notices her effort and suggest her to open a new IG page to share her flat lay pictures only. And that is how From The Top born. Don't forget to follow @_from_the_top. Share some of the beautiful artwork from Azrin.

Photo Credit: @From_The_Top

Let's start the 1st lesson of Flatlay. Sometimes we’re not sure where to get started, or what direction we actually wanna take, let's see some of the tips shared by Azrin. First of all, you need to understand what is flat lay? Flat lay is an image taken straight down from the top (90 degrees). Technically is a photo, highlighting object which is laid flatly on a surface.

These are the 7 tips shared by Azrin.

👉 Think of your 'thing'
👉 Lay down your background
👉 Change and arrange
👉 Dating with the 'handsome' lighting
👉 Keep it neutral and simple
👉 Have loads of fun

At the same time, Azrin demonstrates to us how she arranged the items and get the best shot for her flatlay. And how she edits her photo just using simple apps like VSCO or InShot.

After the demonstration, we will require to create our 1st Flatlay using the items given to us. Each group content 3 peoples in a group. This is our 1st Flatlay that using a white backdrop with a golden frame. We only choose 2-3 color tones so our flatlay look clean and not complicated. We took several shots to visualize the result. And fill up the emptiness of the pictures. Once I got my perfect shot, I started editing the brightness, choosing my filters and adjusting the color tones.

After done with the 1st task, I go around to capture others flatlay. Impress with their flatlay and everyone look professional with their flatlay. Check out the nice flatlay from other group members.

Is time for tea time after the 1st battle with our mission 🤣 Thank you to The Butterfly Project for the nice treat. A good slice of cake can perk you up no matter how brutal your day has been. Do you agree with me? 😂😂 Delectable Cafe has to offer with their menu with endless sweet treats. The desserts really satisfied my sweet tooth. Thank you Mamasan for her endless love to us. 

Is time for our 2nd task and this time we need to choose different backdrop. Aimi loves pink color so this round we choose pink backdrop. And this round, we try to pair pink with baby blue to create 3D, fresh and sweet flatlay. Is a bit stressful task as this round Azrin will choose the best flatlay as a winner. We name our group as 'A Beautiful Creation' - Betty, Cheryl and Aimi.

Each of the group sends a representative to present their artwork to Azrin. Is a hard time for Azrin to pick a winner as each of the artworks so beautiful. But Rose group: Rawlins, Onie and Sally nailed it and they were crown as a winner.

Photo credit: The Butterfly Project

Winner: Rose Team

Although we did not win, we have taken home a precious lesson. Thank you to our Sifu Azrin, from_the_top for the valuable flatlay lesson, Emi Goto from Avantgarde Blooms for sponsoring nice and fresh flowers for our flatlay, The Butterfly Project for treating us a delectable dessert and Althea Korea for sponsoring goodies and prizes for the workshop.

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