Electrolux Taste Experience With German Chef, Christian Mittermeier Held In Conjunction with Electrolux 100th Anniversary

August 21, 2019

Electrolux is celebrating its 100th Anniversary this year. In conjunction with its 100th anniversary, Electrolux has held a cooking demonstration - Electrolux Taste Experience that was hosted by German Chef, Christian Mittermeier at TBM, Central i-City, Shah Alam on the 9th of August. It was a pleasure for me to be able to join this cooking demonstration.

On the same day, Electrolux officiates the opening ceremony of 'Electrolux Shop In Shop' at TBM, Central i-City, Shah Alam. The launch was officiated by Chef Christian Mittermeier, VIPs from TBM and Electrolux.

I am a big fan of Electrolux products and most of my home appliances are from Electrolux. Electrolux has aimed to change the world for the better and strived to provide time-saving, innovative solutions for homes, giving consumers the chance to spend more time on things and people that matter. Being at the forefront of design and performance and backed up by its 100 years of heritage, Electrolux is definitely a trustworthy brand!

During the cooking demonstration, Chef Christian Mittermeier also shared with us the benefits of using the Electrolux induction hob range. The Electrolux built-in Induction hob enhances your cooking experience and it is able to boil 1 litre of water in just 3 minutes! What I love most about the induction hob are the Child Lock and Stop+Go features whereby we enjoy peace of mind while preparing hot dishes.

Chef Christian Mittermeier is a down-to-earth, confident and cheerful person. For 15 years, he has cooperated with the globally active Swedish Electrolux Group & its AEG brand. Besides that, he is a restaurateur, author, and blogger about food and cooking. On that day, Chef Christian Mittermeier has prepared 2 delectable dishes: Braised Carrot with Miso Cream & Passion Fruits and Rye Sourdough with Whipped Brown Butter & Roasted Buckwheat.

Braised Carrot with Miso Cream & Passion Fruits

A brilliant dish prepared by Chef Christian whereby he braised the carrot till it turned golden and soft. Then he garnished the carrot with a beautiful mixture of Miso cream and passion fruits sauce. I love the mixture of the sweet and sour taste of the carrot.

Rye Sourdough with Whipped Brown Butter & Roasted Buckwheat

I can smell the fragrant aroma of Sourdough bread the moment Chef Christian took them out from the oven. The sourdough bread was crunchy and paired well with whipped brown butter and roasted buckwheat. With Electrolux oven, you are able to grill, roast, steam or bake easily.

I enjoyed attending the Electrolux Taste Experience event and took home with me some valuable cooking tips. This was my first time meeting Chef Christian Mittermeier and I hope I have the chance to meet other international Chefs of his calibre.

More information can be found at Electrolux homepage.



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  1. I'm using Electrolux water heater now. Very good product! Nice food there! :D