Awaken Your Beauty with dr. eslee Anti- Sebum Intensive Care

August 07, 2019

Oily skin can be caused by a whole host of unexpected factors like choose wrong skincare that trigger the sebum, stress, change in hormone or on medication. To your surprise Oil blotting sheets can cause worst effect to your skin and lead to excess oil. Oil blotting sheets can strip the skin of necessary oils, which actually prompts the skin to increase oil production to compensate.

Don't make the same mistake and your skin deserve a better solution. Recently I found a new solution for my skin. If you don't want your complexion to be completely shine-free, dr.eslee Anti-Sebum Intensive care still got you covered. The spot gel is effective on oily skin.

Know More About dr.eslee

As a Malaysian, we usually research about the product before apply on the skin. I think is a good habit to understand your skincare products so that you can benefit it for your skin and avoid wastage.

dr.eslee products is Korea's No.1 clinical cosmetic and go through a careful research by certified doctors since 2000. dr.eslee is establish in 2000 in Korea by Prof Lee, a renowed dermatologist and proven effective and safe. dr.eslee constantly searching for natural plant derived ingredients to provide a solution for our skin. This products proven good as dr.eslee products was sold more  than 670 dermatology clinics. dr.eslee skincare products is proven safe and no added steroids.

For my skin, I'm concern about excess oil especially my T-zone area. Check out my review regarding dr.eslee Anti-Sebum Intensive Care Gel.

Packaging & Texture

The spot gel come in 5ml tube whereby you can bring with you during travel. The texture is lightweight and in the gel type.

My personal review

dr.eslee Anti-Sebum Intensive Care Gel is geared towards caring for acne and skin disorders. It helps to control 30% of the excessive oil at my T-zone area. No need to depend on the oil blotting sheets. The gel absord fast into my skin and it does not dry out my skin. At the same time it has exfoliation fuction whereby it helps to remove dead skin with salicylic acid.

The plus point of the gel, as it a plant-derived ingredients that does not harm my skin. dr.eslee Ani-sebum Intensive Care gel suitable for oily or acne skin. The Anti-sebum Intensive Care gel is priced at RM78 for 10ml. And the products is proven safe and register with Ministry of Health in Malaysia for safety.

You can request a free sample from dr.eslee at to test it out. For more information, check out their official website at or Instagram:

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