July 23, 2019

Established for more than 8 decades, Agnesia Hygiene Care powder rolls out its new look and expands its offering in its Beau Care range with two new delightful scents — lavender and rose that come in a 100g container which exclusively formulated for a lighter and alluring scent. 

Credit to Agnesia Powder Picture
Proven to kill 99.9% bacteria and FREE of Asbestos, Agnesia Hygiene Care powder is known for its soothing and calming formula that contains protectant and antibacterial ingredients with 25% Zinc Oxide and 0.5% Chlorhexidine. The go-to protectant powder helps to absorb excessive moisture on the skin. It is also effective to relieve skin irritations.

“We are blessed with sunshine and tropical weather all year round, however, due to our proximity to water, the climate is often humid thus making us sweat easily. Hence, Agnesia Hygiene Care powder is the best choice by providing comfort and dryness for consumers to stay fresh and relieved from skin irritations,” said Ang Girl Bee, Assistant General Manager of Apex Pharma - the parent company of Agnesia powder range.
“For over 80 years, since its discovery, Agnesia powder has played a key part in keeping families away from skin irritations and providing freedom to daily activities with their loved ones. It is a trusted household product through generations in providing safe protection and comfort that is specially formulated for every age range including babies starting from 3 months old and above,” added Ang.

Agnesia powder is certified Halal and best use after every bath to provide freshness all day. The Agnesia powder range is available in all major pharmacies, Aeon Wellness, hypermarkets such as Mydin and 99 speedmart.

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