DASHING DEO + Perfume Body Spray For Men

July 16, 2019

Making a good first impression is very important. Women will scrutinize every single thing in men when it comes to the first impression. Just good looks and a shaped body won’t make a good impression. If you have the caveman look or having a bad body odor, chances you will give the bad impression to others.

Start your day with New Dashing Deo + Perfume Body Spray. The new body spray can use up until 880 sprays per bottle. I love the 2 in 1 body spray by Dashing as perfume will keep your body smell nice while the deodorant will keep your body stay dry and fresh.

Because the men's grooming industry is big business, Dashing has developed and released grooming products to help men primp and pamper themselves into oblivion. This is first time Dashing launch Dashing Deo + Perfume Body Spray to gives a fresh and smell nice with long lasting masculine fragrance.  Dashing Deo + Perfume also content anti-bacteria and anti-odor that give 24 hours protection to your body. The formulation is 100% deodorant and it safe in term of spray. 

Dashing Deo + Perfume Body Spray comes in 4 variants and each bottle size is 120ml


If you looking to achieve your goal, Hattrick will give you a motivation to achieve your first goal. Contain of combination of apple and fresh citrus with a note of amber flowers.

Ultimate Kick

Ultimate Kick is create for a men that eager to be a winner. Ultimate Kick reveal a sophisticated personality in a modern men. A combination of summer scent with a lemon and fresh cardamom flowers. Blend with a note of vanilla and musky to give you a winner feel.


Speed is creates for a man that ready to face the challenge. The nice aroma of classic fougere with contemporary note of fruity and musky.


Hitman is create for men that active or sporty type. A scent of fresh citrus with ice cucumber follow by a note of Sichuan pepper and Lavender with Patchouli and Gaiac Wood increase the attraction and confidence in every man.

Dashing Deo + Perfume is priced at RM12.20 and you can purchase at any supermarket, Hypermarket or any online platform. For more information about Dashing Deo + Perfume Body Spray, feel free to drop by their Facebook: www.facebook.com/Dashing.MY/ or Instagram : www.instagram.com/dashing_my/

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  1. So many options! I like dashing body spray too... smells so manly! HAHA

  2. It cannot be denied that men have finally come to their senses when it comes to good grooming and fashion statement. Long gone is the "rugged, dirty" masculine description of men.mens grooming