June 04, 2019

Why do I run out of data so fast? Downloading pictures, checking on maps, browse on social media, dozens of other things all need a data connection and roaming data are extremely expensive.

Why need to crack your head as Yodoo Malaysia first truly customisable digital mobile service is once again empowering its users with greater customisation. Yoodo gives you a freedom of choice and flexibility with its unique Roam Like Home international roaming plan. Enjoy your trip by selecting Roam Like Home. Users get to enjoy their customised local Yoodo plans when traveling abroad.

Roam Like Home is available in 53 countries at a flat rate ranging from RM 10 to RM 20 for full 24-hour period. Worry if you over use your data? Users are also able to purchase booster packs within their Roam Like Home plan, which allows users to top up quota for data, voice or SMS instead of repurchasing the entire roaming plan.

Mr. Chow Tuck Mun, Head of Yoodo shared about the plan, “Since we first launched, Yoodo has always been about giving consumers freedom of choice, with the ability of customising their Yoodo plans according to their needs. Yoodo not only understand consumers needs but also believes in empowering users to customise their plans to suit their interests and lifestyles which applies to Yoodo’s roaming product.

“Our Roam Like Home plan offers this flexibility to users whilst also providing great value for money. As a frequent traveller myself, I understand the challenges travellers face when it comes to staying connected abroad. I believe Roam Like Home is the perfect solution for travellers, where users are allowed to focus on enjoying their travelling instead of worrying about exhausting their quota and spending too much on roaming,” he added.

How to Become Yodoo User?

1) Order a free SIM via the Yoodo app or web and then proceed to choose to have the SIM delivered for free within 1 to 3 days. Then choose to pay by debit/credit card or PayPal.

2) Once the SIM arrives, follow the instruction given on how to activate the SIM.

3) Activate your SIM via Yodoo app. After the activation and authentication process, users will be able to customise their plans according to their needs. 

4) With the customize plan, users can activate the Roam Like Home plan through the Yoodo app by purchasing a daily roaming pass for RM10 or RM20.

To purchase a daily roaming pass, select “Add Roaming/IDD”, follow by “Roaming” and select the country that you will be travelling to. Following that, user will have to tap “Buy” and confirm order. The roaming will be activated automatically once the user starts using their data, voice or SMS overseas.

Yoodo users will also stand a chance to win a Samsonite ARQ luggage worth RM1,129 when they participate in the “I Love Roam Like Home” contest. All you have to do is to spend a minimum of RM30 on the Roam Like Home plan between 25th May and 31st July.
To learn more about Yoodo and the Roam Like Home plan please visit: www.yoodo.com.my or follow www.facebook.com/yoodoMY/ for the latest updates on promos and deals.

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