Tea Amo Malaysia - Popular Taufa Brown Sugar Bubble Tea

June 25, 2019

Bubble Tea has become a trend in Malaysia and everyone is craving for it. The bubble tea industry in Malaysia has new players, each with unique and quirky flavors to offer. But lately, many new bubble tea kiosks have been springing up especially at SS15 Subang Jaya. This round I will introduce to you Tea Amo Malaysia and I personally love their Taufa Brown Sugar Bubble Tea.

Tea Amo is located along the Bubble Tea street at SS15, Subang Jaya. What makes Tea Amo special from other bubble tea? Tea Amo min highlights are Taufa Brown Sugar Pearl and Snowcream tea. Tea Amo is the 1st Bubble tea that offers Tau fu fah topping and made freshly every day. The tau fu fah has a velvety texture and soft. The Tea Amo’s signature freshly-prepared hand-crafted pearls.

Taufa Brown Sugar Bubble Tea series is satisfying to the bite because of its texture. I found that the texture was just right – not too hard or soft. You can customize the sugar level, amount of ice or toppings for your bubble tea.

It hard for us to make a decision which one to order as all the series has their uniqueness in term of texture and taste. We have handpicked a few drinks from Tea Amo that we personally think you should give a try on it.

Rose Milk Taufa Brown Sugar Pearl RM10.90

A blend of nature (Rose) that give a strong floral flavor that gives the Rose Milk Taufa Brown Sugar Pearl a sweet kick with every sip.  

Classic Taufa Brown Sugar Pearl RM7.90 (S) / RM8.90 (L) 

If you not into an adventurous exploring different type of bubble tea, Classic Taufa Brown Sugar Pearl will be the best choice. Compared to other brands, the “brown-sugarness” was considered more mellow, not as strong and full-flavored. It gives the balanced taste with Taufa on it. The boba though had an agreeable, chewy bite.

Mango Passion Milk With Mango Boba RM10.90

If you into fruity milk tea, you might want to give a try on Mango Boba. This Mango Passion Milk crafts its drinks with fresh milk and fragrant mango Boba.

Strawberry Milk With Mango Babo RM10.90

Strawberry Milk is another hits drink from the Mango Babo series. Love the sweet and fruity taste.

Earl Grey Snowcream Tea (RM10.90)

If you're looking for non-bubble type, Earl Grey Snowcream Tea might just satisfy your craving. The aromatic of Earl Grey tea topped with soft serve ice cream make it a perfect match. Mix it together to give a perfect taste.

Chocolate Milk Soft Serve Ice Cream 

The Chocolate Milk soft serve was smooth and milky. It is quite a delectable treat to have on a hot day.

Earl Grey Soft Serve Ice Cream

Earl Grey Soft Serve Ice Cream was a great combination of vanilla soft serve with Earl Grey. It’s a great choice on days where you can’t decide between dessert and tea.

Which one is your favourite series from Tea Amo? Worth the hype? For me, I love Tea Amo Taufa Brown Sugar Bubble Tea.

Tea Amo Malaysia

N0 51, Jalan SS15 /4, Subang Jaya
Opening Hours: Monday - Saturday 11am to 1am 
                          Sunday 12pm to 1am

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