June 25, 2019

Park Shin Hye, Mamonde’s brand ambassador is in Malaysia for the launch of the Mamonde Red Energy Recovery Serum at Watsons stores nationwide. The Red Energy Recovery Serum is the latest product from Mamonde that addresses skin aging as well as helps to recover and revitalize exhausted skin, bringing it back to its optimal condition. 

The Red Energy Recovery Serum is made up of two key ingredients, pomegranate and Blossoming EnergyÔ, the serum creates smooth and supple skin that glows from within by strengthening the skin’s moisture barrier and promoting the skin’s turnover cycle.

The Blossoming EnergyÔ, derived from a 28-year study of flowers is Mamonde’s latest innovation. It is a special active ingredient that helps to boost skin’s energy. Through the observation of flowers throughout their lifecycle; inclusive of changes in color and temperature, Mamonde has discovered a unique component that helps flowers to bloom and survive longer than its usual lifespan. This component was extracted, tested on skin and has since been developed to become the core ingredient for the Red Energy Recovery Serum, bringing forth properties that boost skin’s energy and return it to its healthiest state. The Red Energy Recovery Serum is available in 30ml for RM130. It is available at selected Watsons and  Watsons’ online website.

The launch of the Red Energy Recovery Serum into Watsons stores also signifies the official partnership that is being established between Mamonde Malaysia and Watsons Malaysia. “Mamonde Malaysia has garnered a substantial number of loyal customers and fans over the last three years since its launch through the many innovative products that we’ve introduced. The brand is now moving to the next phase which is to widen its reach to more customers through our partnership with Watsons. This new partnership will also vastly increase Mamonde’s presence in the marketplace,” said Margaret Chin, Country Manager of Amorepacific Malaysia.

Mamonde Malaysia has expanded its sales channels to over 50 Watsons Malaysia stores nationwide. The launch of Mamonde into Watsons stores nationwide is in line with Amorepacific’s global partnership with A.S Watsons Group to widen its distribution platform for both online and offline.

“We are delighted to have Mamonde’s ambassador, Park Shin Hye for an exclusive meet and greet with Watsons shoppers in-line with Mamonde’s launch of the new Red Energy Recovery Serum. At Watsons we continuously work with our partners to offer innovative and exciting products which serves their needs. Mamonde Red Energy Recovery Serum is dermatologist-tested making it suitable for all our Watsons shoppers with different skin types.” said Caryn Loh, Managing Director of Watsons Malaysia.




About Mamonde

Mamonde is a brand that inspires feminine beauty with flowers. It brings women’s beauty into a bloom by instilling the wisdom of nature found in the flowers’ vitality into their products. Inspired by flowers, Mamonde devotes to deliver the zenith of flower energy to bloom the beauty inside you. Mamonde aspires to provide skincare solutions for every woman so that they may radiate in blossoming beauty.

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