Geoje Island Day Tour : Windy Hill and Oedo Island

June 26, 2019

OMGGGG it’s been 2 weeks after I come back from Busan. I miss my trip to Busan, the food and also the weather πŸ˜”. My summer trip to Busan is the best trip ever. During my holiday in Busan, I have planned a day trip for Geoja Island. To prevent the hassle googling on how to get to Geoje Island, what to expect, where to purchase my ticket to Oedo Island, I plan to engage KKday for day tour trip to Geoje Island whereby they cover Windy Hill and Oedo Island.

What is the common challenge that tourist usually face to get to Geoje Island?

1) Transportation From/ To Geoje

- You can travel to Geoje Island by train or KTX. The only option is taking a bus. Geoje has 2 bus terminal: gohyeon bus terminal located in geoje city center (far from ferry terminal) and jangseungpo bus terminal (10 mins walk from ferry terminal). The travel time will end up to 5 hours.

2) Language Barrier

- You might have difficulty talking to the local as most of them don't speak English but some of them able speak Mandarin.

 3) Cruise Ticket

- There are several choices of Ferry terminal to Oedo Island and the journey to the terminal station will take 20-30 minutes. Each cruise has its own schedule to Oedo Island and you have to ensure you arrive 15 minutes earlier if you purchase the cruise ticket online.

Why want to take the risk since I can get the ticket from KKday website? The package included tour guide (whereby we engage a local tour guide that able to speak Mandarin), Cruise ticket to Oedo Island, admission ticket to Oedo Island and transportation (the bus will pick up/ drop off from designated MRT station).

On that day, we are required to wait at  SeoMyeon Station (Exit 12) as the bus will pick up us from there. Upon arriving, the staff from KTourstory (local tour guide) has waited for us at the pick-up point. I was impressed with the coordination whereby the staff has our information and e-ticket ready.

The bus departed from SeoMyeon Station at 7.30am and the reach Dojangpo Wharf at 10am (the journey take 2 hours and 10 minutes for a toilet break). Oh ya, I forget to mention who is our tour guide. Our tour guide for that day was Ellie from KTourstory. Thumb up to her service as she not only friendly, knowledgeable but she offered to help us for photo.

Back to the trip, Geoje island is a beautiful coast city and well known as Blue city by the local. And the Ferry terminal and beach can be found in a minute. We start our journey exploring Windy Hill in Geoje Island. 

Windy Hill Geoje

We arrived just before the sun started hitting the hill and Windy Hill famous with a giant windmill and sweeping views of the bay. To reach the giant windmill, you need to do a small hike. The moment you reach the peak, you will be welcomed by a strong breeze and a view that will make you stop in your tracks.

Indeed Windy Hill is a great location for photographers as we tend to capture more and more pictures. πŸ˜†

Windy Hill (λ°”λžŒμ˜μ–Έλ•)

Geoje-si, Gyeongsangnam-do,
South Korea

Oedo Botania Island

Oedo Botania Island is a small island located in South Korea. It is a western style botanical garden that was built by Lee Chang-ho and his wife when they settled on the island in 1969. 
Getting to Oedo Botania Island

We are taking ferry from Jangseungpo Ferry Terminal at the ferry depart at 11am. The journey to Oedo Island takes about 20 minutes. Along the journey, you get to enjoy the beauty of the sea. It's worth to spend most of your time on cruise while enjoying the view.

During your journey, the captain will ask us to go out and enjoy HAEGEUMGANG (Moutain in the Sea). As you get closer to these rocks, you can see turquoise water around the rocks.

Finally, we arrived at Oedo Botania Island and it so looks beautiful from distance. And our tour guide will brief us our meeting time and meeting point. It was free and easy at Oedo Botania Island. I'm in love with the architecture of the garden. For K-Drama lovers, you might recognize one of the scenes that filmed in Winter Sonata movie.

The island has just one cafe and a small store with souvenirs. Please ensure you bring enough cash as the island did not have any ATM or credit card machine. And this is non-smoking island. Admission and return ferry ticket to the island is around W17,000.

Oedo Botania Island (외도 λ³΄νƒ€λ‹ˆμ•„)

17 Wahyeon-ri, Irun-myeon,
Geoje-si, Gyeongsangnam-do,
South Korea

I am lucky as my plan to Windy Hill and Oedo Island went smooth as I plan. It's worth to engage KKday for day tour whereby you have no worries about transportation, language barrier, cruise ticket and admission ticket to Oedo Island. 

Why travel with KKday?

KKday is a friendly user app built by a community by travelers. You not only can plan your travel based on the information in KKday but also refer to genuine feedback from travelers around the world.

KKday is a safety platform whereby you can access from multiple devices. No printout is required and just show the confirmation code. You will receive a reminder from KKday to remind you regarding your ticket.

KKday offers the best destination and experience to travelers. You have the peace of mind once booking with KKday as your designated date has been secured with KKday.

Link to purchase Geoje Island Day Tour: Windy Hill and Oedo Island:

For more information regarding KKday, please refer to their website:

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  1. Beautiful island tour. Love the windmill.

    Korea. Been there for winter back in 2010. Would love to go back for different season, ie spring or autumn

  2. The scenery at the island so nice. I wish to visit Busan soon. Nice shots btw