Explore Family-friendly Hotels in Johor Bahru with Bagasi.my

June 24, 2019

Malaysia is well known as multicultural country and also the home to a variety of races and religions. Malaysia is a beautiful country that you should explore and highlight in your travel list especially Johor Bahru. Personally, I have visited Johor Bahru twice. Are you feeling stressed up searching high and low for the best family friendly hotels in Johor Bahru? Or how to plan your trip?

Fret not, as Bagasi.my will be your reference or I call it as a trip planner. Bagasi.my starts their journey by sharing posts content about travel, vacation and accommodation spots all around Malaysia. Bagasi.my is like my trip planner and I love the genuine content that provided by Bagasi.my.

You might want to check out 23 Family-friendly hotel in Johor Bahru posted in Bagasi.my 

If you plan to bring your kids to Legoland, you might want to stay at Legoland Hotel whereby they have a different theme room such as Pirate, Adventure and Kingdom. Beside that Bagasi.my also list down the hotel room price and sharing the booking platform link. 

Silka Johor Bahru is one of the recommended family-friendly hotel with strategic location whereby you can plan for good food such as Teluk Jawa Seafood (Todak), Senibong Seafood Village, Bazaar Pandan City or going to Tiram Indoor Water Park.

Does that sound convenient for you? Ease the pain whereby you need to refer to several websites to plan your trip, to book your trip and read some review. With Bagasi.my, you get your information regarding places to visit in Johor Bahru with one click.

Click  Bagasi.my for more information. Don't forget to bookmark Bagasi.my in your list. 

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