Shine From Within InnerShine And New Brand Ambassador Fasha Sandha

April 19, 2019

What is beautiful skin mean to you? Does it mean you need to apply tons of skincare to maintain the youthfulness? If you asking my opinion, I will say inner beauty is my answer. During InnerShine roadshow that kick off from 3rd to 7th April 2019 at One Utama Shopping Mall, Fasha Sandha share her experience after consume InnerShine products. 

Fasha Sandha is the new brand ambassador for Innershine. BRAND'S Suntory also announced its sponsorship of the 14-episode mega drama series Patah Sayap Bertongkay Paruh starring Fasha Sandha, airing on Astro Ria beginning 3 April 2019. This also marks the second year running where BRAND'S Suntory is collaborating with Watsons for the Pencarian Wajah #InnerShine CantikSemulaJadi contest and its ambassador introduction and roadshow.

" We are delighted to welcome Fasha on board to InnerShine family as she is a great fit for our theme 'Naturally Beautiful'. While a beauty regime that includes skincare and makeup is effective, we have always believed that natural beauty can be attained if we take care of ourselves with the right nutrients. A healthy body nourished with the right nutrients exudes the beauty of good health naturally. With InnerShine, you can achieve a holistic beauty regime that enables your skin to become more radiant and have a natural glow, besides attaining younger looking skin with the antioxidants in our Berry Essence. This in turn allows your skin to show the results of your skincare regime more clearly and also enhance the effects of your make-up. I am pleased that Fasha will be able to help us share this information with her fans," said Kuang Ming Ming, Chief Operating Officer South East Asia, BRAND'S Suntory.

During the event, Fasha share her thought, "I do believe we are what we eat. However, although many of us do our best to ensure that we and our loved ones consume a healthy diet containing all the required nutrients to feel good and also look good, the challenges of hectic modern lifestyle can make this difficult to achieve at a sufficient level. I'm glad that companies like BRAND'S have stepped in to help consumers with nutritional supplements like the InnerShine series that enables us to achieve naturally beautiful skin that comes from good health derived from the right nutrients. Its liquid formulation allows the natural essence and nutrients to be easily absorbed by our body."

InnerShine Prune Essence works on your digestive system to cleanse your body internally, with visible external effects within 12 days. The prune essence and Vitamin E combination boosts the protection of your skin from free radicals to keep it healthier and more radiant. This 100% fruit-based nutritional supplement is also rich in prune fiber and resistant maltodextrin- a soluble fibre that promotes regular bowel movement and helps flush out unwanted toxins from the body.

InnerShine Berry Essence is a fortified essence with Vitamins A,C & E and Zinc, with Vitamin C and Vitamin E helping protect cells from oxidative stress. In addiction, the essence also contains nutrients from seven premium berries- blueberries, blackcurrants, cranberries, chokeberries, strawberries, acai berries and elderberries, which are high in antioxidants. The antioxidants help protect your skin from UV damage and the holistic effect of the nutrients keeps your skin smooth and stay glowing and youthful-looking over time.

This 2019, InnerShine is highlighting the benefits of its Prune Essence and Berry Essence to help achieve beauty from within, through the Shine Dari Dalaman Campaign. "We want to ensure our consumers understand and can enjoy the real benefits from InnerShine, thus keeping their skin looking beautiful with the convenience of our easy to digest InnerShine nutritional supplement in a bottle," Ming Ming added.

Pencarian Wajah #InnerShine Cantik SemulaJadi returns

InnerShine returns with the Pencarian Wajah #InnerShine CantikSemulaJadi2019 contest, running from 5 March to 14 April 2019, in an exclusive collaboration with Watsons. In this contest, 30 Watsons customers stand a chance to win RM300 cash and RM100 worthof InnerShine products, with five winners announced on each of the six weeks via Facebook and Instagram. All they need to do to participate in purchase a 12 bottle pack of either InnerShine products at any Watsons outlet or on the Watsons website. Then they need to snap a creative photo of their skincare regime feauturing InnerShine and upload it to Instagram with a creative caption and include the hashtag #InnerShineCantikSemulaJadi2019. All participants should retain their receipt as all winners will need to submit their receipt for validation. To see the Terms and Conditions and more details on the Pencarian Wajah #InnerShine CantikSemulaJadi2019 contest, please visit .

For more information on the InnerShine series and other BRAND'S products offered in Malaysia, please visit the BRAND'S website at . Keep track of the latest updates on the InnerShine series on Facebook and Instagram .  

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