Boon4 Official Launched e-delivery Mobile App In Malaysia

April 04, 2019

e-delivery process can be a challenging as you need to ensure the good delivery on time to you customers. Plus you might caught in the jam, whether the goods still in a good condition or the charges is too expensive for the transportation. Introduce Boon4, the first e-delivery service in Malaysia.

What is Boon4?

Boon4 is the first “on the way” delivery service in Malaysia that puts extra space in passenger vehicles to work by connecting people with items to send with drivers heading in the right direction. Boon4’s collaborative model enables fast, flexible, low-cost delivery for senders and rewards drivers for trips they were already taking.

Boon4 works with top retailers, airlines, and grocers to provide them with a faster, more efficient, and more scalable solution for same day deliveries and last-mile deliveries nationwide. Boon4 is founded in 2017 by Mr. Ks.Soon. 

How Boon4 Works?

BOON4 apps make it easier for enterprises and end user to launch and scale same day delivery to reach customers anytime, anywhere. You can choose the option of Rush, Same-day delivery or scheduled deliveries. We are able to do large item pricing based on mileage and not weight. For hard to handle items, only Boon4 provide zero packaging cost. 

Boon4 app is available on Android or IOS devices. Let's get started with Boon4 app.
  • Choose the pick up and delivery address.
  • Choose either a scheduled delivery or an express delivery.
  • Boon4 will estimate the cost in seconds of the item you would like to send, starting from small parcel to large item.
  • A pick up code and delivery code will automatically created once the order is confirmed.
  • You can track the status anytime and application is user friendly.

Why Choosing Boon4?

Boon4 is the first Malaysian company that connects drivers on the road with senders who wants to send something. Beside Boon4 is trustable service, it will ensure the safe of the items. All items are insured and Boon4 will make sure your items are delivered to the door step.

The service is fast as you receive your item within the same day. Lastly, Boon4 service is the cheapest and most affordable. 

Why Drive for Boon4?

If you interested to be Boon4 driver, you can apply for the job. Boon4Drivers are people just like you – students, professionals, homemakers and retirees – all ready to move. If you are already going somewhere, earn money by making a same day delivery to the same place you are heading. 

Boon4 make your life more easier. Download Boon4 now on your mobile phone. Below is the app link.

Boon4 service is available in West Malaysia and East Malaysia (Kuching). Key in "Boon4Betty" to get additional 10% off on your first order! For more information, you may refer to Boon4 official website:

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