A healthy And safe Mindset Will Ensure A Happy Journey

April 29, 2019

Have you been in this situation - driving more than the speed limit, using handphone while driving or even parking on the yellow line?

I think most of us have gone through this situation when we first got our driving license. Back during my university days, my dad bought me a kancil car. I was proud of it as not many students owned a car when they were studying at a University. Instead of adhering to the speed limit of 60km/h, I would sometimes speed up to 120km/h. I can still recall my college mates calling me a crazy driver. Besides speeding, I was brave enough overtake big car. This reminds me of "road bullies" and I never knew I was so brave at that time.

And when it came to traffic light, I would accelerate when it turns amber or red. My terrible driving habits included honking drivers that were driving slowly. Texting or answering phone calls while driving got me into trouble with the traffic police, much to my regret.

Do you know having a clean driving profile will benefit you when you renew or buy your motor insurance /takaful? Now when you purchase a motor insurance/ takaful under the phased liberalization, the companies will factor in a policyholder’s risk profile.

I like the idea that we have better control of our car insurance. How is one’s risk profile determined? - Gender, driving experience, claims history, location of residence, occupation, vehicle type and model, use of vehicle, vehicle mileage and history of traffic offences. Under the phased liberalization, insurance companies/takaful operators will review each policyholder’s risk profile before deciding on the premium rates. Which means, the higher the risk, the higher the premium. 

So please practise safe driving behavior such as:
1) Follow the speed limit at all times.
2) Observe and follow traffic rules.
3) Don't use your mobile phone when driving as it distracts your focus. 

For more information about liberalization of motor insurance/takaful, check out these websites: PIAM or MTA 

A safe driving habit can lead to a happy journey. Always remind yourself to be a smart and safe driver.

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