Small Dose, Powerful Cleaning in Half the Time with 5X Cleaning Power with TOP Turbo Clean Ultra Concentrated Detergent

March 12, 2019

Who think doing laundry is time- consuming? I believe most of us hate the most is doing laundry as you tend to spend most of your time on laundry. Your laundry process will be easy if you choose the right detergent.

TOP, the NO.1 detergent brand in Malaysia still my favorite detergent product. TOP proud to introduce the new laundry experience by proving that powerful cleaning can come in compact packages with the introduction of its TOP Turbo Clean Ultra Concentrated Detergent that delivers 5X cleaning power with Fast Acting Turbo Enzymes for superior stain removal in half the time, with just one small capful. Believe me, TOP Turbo Clean Ultra Concentrated Detergent make your life much easier. 

The Formula: The compact outlook of TOP Turbo Clean is matched by the ultra-concentrated formula within. TOP is formulated with fast acting Turbo Enzymes to break down stubborn food stains and hidden dirt, especially sebum quickly and effectively, even when washed on the ‘Quick Wash’ or ‘Speed cycle’ mode.

The Technology: This innovative detergent technology allows for a formula five times more concentrated than ordinary laundry detergents offering value to consumers in the form of greater economy and convenience.

Why choosing TOP Turbo Clean Ultra Concentrated Detergent?
  • Deep cleaning even on a shorter ‘Quick Wash’ washing cycle.
  • Saving time on laundry
  • Reducing water and electric consumption

TOP Turbo Clean cleanses thoroughly by combining multi-surfactants to attack stains and dissolve them, multi-enzymes that penetrate deep into fibre cores to decompose stains and polymers that facilitate the removal of sebum from fibres and prevent the redepositing of soil. 

According to Southern Lion Sdn. Bhd. Marketing Manager (Fabric Care), Mr Leroy Yoon the introduction of the compact TOP Turbo Clean Ultra Concentrated Detergent is setting out to create a new performance driven premium laundry segment targeting consumers who appreciate innovations
that can simplify their laundry experience, and improve their lifestyle in line with TOP’s brand promise of Innovation for Better Living.

“Ultra-concentrated detergents are still a rarity in Malaysia, we believe that TOP Turbo Clean could be among the first in this category to be widely introduced in Malaysia. TOP is known forbreakthrough innovations to fit consumers’ needs to revolutionise the laundry experience. With TOP Turbo Clean we’re proving that big innovations can come in small, compact packages that can improve our consumers lives and lifestyles, significantly. The benefits are many – half the time, 5X cleaning power, a fifth of the shelf space, less electricity and less water used, and freeing up time for other pursuits. We’ve priced it within reach for the convenience it brings,” said Mr Leroy Yoon.
The full-sized bottle is 900g, sufficient for up to 45 washes freeing up space in the laundry area for a more organised and streamlined look. 

“Our new laundry detergent is transforming the way Malaysians do laundry,” said Mr Leroy Yoon. “We believe in offering people a better experience in the home, and we’re confident this innovation will resonate with a wide range of consumers, from busy professional and families to urbanites who do laundry outside their homes.” 

TOP Turbo Clean’s thoughtfully designed cap lessens the incidence of detergent overdosing, or filling the cap above the recommended line for a load of laundry. Overdosing can lead to excess suds, which can affect clothing and the washing machine. It can also result in consumer not getting the number of loads they paid for. 

The 5X cleaning power at half the time2, and compact size of TOP Turbo Clean comes with all the benefits of regular TOP detergent including anti-bacterial, anti-malodour, anti-mite dust and anti-sebum for the assurance of hygienically clean living. It is suitable for both top-loading and front-loading machines, and can be used on Quick Wash cycle allowing you more time with family, friends or your favourite pastimes. 

TOP Turbo Clean Ultra Concentrated Detergent available in two variants:- The fresh clean scent of Power Fresh, or The floral sensorial notes of Power Bloom. It is available nationwide in the streamlined 900g bottle at the recommended selling price of RM20.15 per bottle, or the 800g refill pack refill pack priced at RM16.45 per refill pack.

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