SensiLacer - Say Goodbye to Sensitive Teeth

February 22, 2019

Do your teeth twinge when you eat or drink ? If the answer is yes, what could be causing sensitive teeth and how to treat it. Sometimes other things can aggravate them like sweet and sour foods or even cold air. In this post I will share some of the possibility that cause sensitive teeth and how to treat it using Sensilacer.

The root cause of sensitive teeth:-

1) Try to avoid acidic food and drinks.

2) Teeth grinding wears away our enamel. This happen due to stress and try to address your stress as it can help to prevent teeth grinding.

3) Teeth Whitening can cause temporary sensitive teeth. Try to take a break after scaling or whitening process.

4) Gum diease 

About SensiLacer

Choosing the right toothpaste actually can help to treat your sensitive teeth. SensiLacer has 70 years history and the pioneer in Spain. SensiLacer has a strong position in many other Latin American countries. SensiLacer is 3+3 formula as per below list.

SensiLacer is formulate with Potassium Nitrate, Fluoride and Silicon Dioxide Obliterans.

  • Potassium Nitrate - Can help to reduce sentivity
  • Fluoride - Remineralization of enamel and at the same time prevent dental sensitivity and protecting from decay.
  • Silicon Dioxide Obliterans - Protecting teeth against stimuli that cause tooth sensitivy 

What is the benefit switch your current toothpaste to SensiLacer?

SensiLacer provides triple action whereby it helps to block dentinal tubules, reduction of nerve impulses and remineralization of enamel. Beside that SensiLacer also prevent tooth decay, low abrasive index and give you long lasting effect from sensitivity.

Personal Review

I love the result as it helps to ease my sensitive teeth. I can enjoy my favourite food or drink without worry of sensitivity. You can see the result within 3 working days.

Packaging: Simple and clean packaging and it comes in one size. Travel-friendly as it only contains 75ml.

Texture: Light, transparent and gel texture. 

How to use it: Brush after meal (daily use) or apply a small amount of SensiLacer toothpaste on the sensitive teeth (Relief pain). 

SensiLacer is priced at RM31.50 for 75ml. SensiLacer is available at PM.Mii onlne website. 

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