CLAIGIO LED Magic Eye Patch - The Best Beauty Device in 2019

February 19, 2019

Due to the hectic work, I keep stretching my eye to be more focus on my laptop. I spend most on my time in front of my laptop rather than on bed. Prolong over the time, my eye feel tired, puffy and my skin condition become worst.

Thank you to Claigio LED Magic Eye Patch for being my savior. Origin from Korea, Claigio LED Eye Patch help to improve the skin texture in 8 minutes.

Have anyone watch "Encounter/Boyfriend" that starring by Song Hye-kyo and Park Bo-gum? In the movie, you will notice Jang Mi-jin using Claigio LED Magic Eye Patch while texting with Lee Dae-chan. Don't forget to spot Claigio LED Magic Eye Patch in Encounter/Boyfriend K-Drama.

About Claigio LED Eye Magic Eye Patch

Claigio LED Eye Patch is an optimal skin beauty device that treating darkened areas and blemishes, help to brighten the skin, reduce wrinkles, and regenerating skin. It increases the production of collagen and elastin within the upper dermal layer and increases the activity of fibroblasts with 20 LED RED (600-660nm) wavelengths that are most optimized for the skin.

How to Operate Claigio LED Magic Eye Patch?

Inside the beauty device box content manual guideline book whereby it comes in 3 different languages, a pair of non-toxic silicon gel eye patch, LED controller that attach at the eye patch, two different type of cables: C typegender (for android) and 8-pin gender (iPhone) and  power cable 5-pin gender.

Step 1: Ensure your skin is clean and apply on the basic skincare
Step 2: Remove the protective film from the eye patch. Put on the eye patch on the targeted area.

Step 3: Connect the device with your mobile phone. and switch on the controller.
Step 4: This is 8- minute auto timer function. It will switch off after 8 minute

You can apply on the eye patch on your eye area, smile line area and forehead area. It helps to brighten the skin and improve the skin texture and resilience.

My personal experience

My skin always reflect my personality and I will put extra effort in taking care my skin. Spending on LED treatment doesn't guarantee the result and the treatment is expensive. But with CLAIGIO LED Magic Eye Patch, I can achieve the best result within a month.

Easy to operate as you just need to plug the beauty device on your mobile.  And I can use the eye patch anytime and anywhere. After each usage, you just need to wash it with lukewater and the eye patch is waterproof.

Say goodbye to my dark eye circle. My skin texture has improved after 1 month usage of CLAIGIO LED Magic Eye Patch. It worth to invest on this beauty device. The device is priced at RM249 with 1 year warranty. For those that interested to purchase CLAIGIO LED Magic Eye Patch, apply on the discount code "Betty30" to geth RM30 off with free shipping. The discount code available until 28th February 2019.

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