3 Steps Reduces Comedos & Blackhead with Neogence Pore Solution Series

February 10, 2019

Sweltering weather conditions and the unforgiving 100% humidity of Malaysia put our skin into stress and oily condition. And this cause the blackhead and acne form easily. Due to this, I tend to extract it out and indirectly you have feed the growth of bacteria in the pore. Even though you can't make a zit magically disappear overnight, there are a few things you can do to make it less angry and puffy.

Recently Neogence has invited Shu Sen, A top Youtuber to share her beauty tips on how she take care of her skin. The meet and greet session with Shu Sen happen at Watsons Malaysia, Sunway Pyramid Mall. Her secret is using Neogence Pore Solution Series.

Neogence (the renowned lab-dermatological brand) is composed of an R&D team of dermatologist, bio-medical doctor and professional pharmacist which have been deeply researching and analyzing the skin’s pore and head problems. And the latest Neogence latest series is Pore Solution Series with three steps of skincare: Cleanses, Purifies and Shines.

Step 1: Weekly Use, Weakens COMEDO Roots

Deep Pore Cleansing Mask 

Comedones continue to grow and pores become larger and larger on oily skin if in-depth cleansing is not performed accurately. Neogence Deep Pore Cleansing Mask combines natural clay and charcoal powder that effectively adsorbs sebum, removes dead skin cells, cleanses pores deeply, and weakens the solid roots of comedones. Once comedones are removed, pores will feel refreshed again!

STEP2: Daily use,Dissolving Heads Deeply

Extremely Off-Heads Serum

Azeloglicina and Gluconolactone effectively and deeply dissolve heads and blocked pores completely. EVERMATTM combined with Sebum Control Enzyme, effectively improves the conditions of the cuticles, tightening the pores and reducing the blockage of sebum and acne. The second generation cleansing formula is suitable for sensitive skin, which functions effectively to avoid the uncomfortable conditions caused by dry skin problems and outside irritations.

STEP3: Daily Use,Redicovers The Most Delicate Skin

Skin Refining Cream

The annoying skin problems such as "dark skin, large pores, acne pits and unsmoothness" are dealt with by Neogence Skin Refining Cream for you! Combining the three counters with effective medical beauty ingredients, the skin is subjected to a two-stage "Rejuvenation" program for "Inner activation and external shines". Hydrolyzed Royal Jelly Protein works with collagen in helping skin cell renewal and repair. High concentration of Salicylic Acid and Ascorbyl Tetraisopalimtate deliver gentle skin peeling and visibly improve dullness, acne scars and dark spots.

With 3 Steps with Neogence you able get rid the blackhead and Comedos easily. Neogence Pore Solution Series is available at Watsons Malaysia Nationwide. For more information, visit www.neogence.com

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