Start Your New Year With A New You - Murad Hydro Dynamic Ultimate

January 13, 2019

Are you ready to dive into the new beauty product by Murad? Introduce Murad Hydro Dynamic Ultimate is the best moisturizing products.

Murad Hydro Dynamic Ultimate is available in travel pack whereby you can bring with you during travel.

The lightweight texture of the cream glide smoothly on my skin. Fast absorption without leaving my skin sticky. The Moisturize provide 24 hours hydration to my skin even though I work under air conditioner. One of the key ingredients of the products is hyaluronic acid technology whereby it enhances skin’s ability to attract and retain water for intense, long-lasting hydration. Indirect it helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Beside Hyaluronic acid technology, Murad Hydro Dynamic Ultimate contains natural ingredients such as:-

Coconut extract
Provides superior moisture retention to inhibit dehydration and give the skin a youthfully smooth texture.

Shea butter, avocado, sunflower and olive fruit oils
Help restore suppleness and support a healthy skin barrier.

Murad Hydro Dynamic Ultimate suitable for all type of skin care. If you are dry skin, you can see a visible result. Within a weeks, my complexion improve whereby my fine lines less visible and no more breakout.

How to use?

  • After cleanser and toner process, apply on Murad Hydro Dynamic Ultimate.
  • Massage evenly to ensure the moisturizer absorb into the skin.
  • Follow with a Murad sunscreen during the day.

I love the travel pack version and it can last me for a month. And the moisturizer does not contain paraben, sulfates, phthalate and gluten. If you wish to have a glass skin, Murad Hydro Dynamic Ultimate is your answer. The moisturizer is priced at RM88. For more information, kindly refer to

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