Genki Sushi @ Sunway Pyramid

January 09, 2019

I am a big fan of Japanese food but I did not prefer conveyor belt sushi. Would the sushi still fresh after going around. At Genki Sushi, you can fell the different experience. Build in with high technology system whereby you can order your sushi via your own phone. 

Scan the bar code that given by the Genki Sushi staff. Browse through the menu as Genki Sushi offers array of yumilicious sushi. Make your order directly from your phone and click submit. Your food will be deliver via Kousoku Express system. Once the food is unloaded, it with automatically return to the kitchen. Does that sound easy to you? And the food is serve hot from the Kousoku Express System. Genki Sushi’s Kousoku Express delivery system, designed after the Japanese Shinkansen bullet train allows for speedy delivery of food directly from kitchen to table, ensuring freshness

I love the efficiency of Genki Sushi as they does a pretty well in integrating their whole express concept. 

Check out Genki Sushi Menu

Genki Sushi offers extensive menu whereby you can enjoy fresh and delicious sushi such as signature Dai Man Zoku menu serving sushi 1.5 times bigger than the standard sushi serving. The best part is you can enjoy the Dai Man Zoku sushi with RM4.80 per plate. 

Prime Salmon Belly

Reel Shrimp

Seared Red Shrimp with Garlic Butter

Smoked Duck

Beside Dai Man Zoku menu, you may want to try their premium collection. I personally like their grilled Eel & Cheese roll .

Grilled Eel & Cheese Roll

Deep Fry Oyster Flower Roll

I would recommend you to try the Grilled Eel mini Don. The fresh and juicy grilled eel is served on the bed of rice. The Unagi slices are char grilled to perfection and enhanced by the tare marinade that doused in.

Anyone is a huge fan of Shishamo? I love the crispy Deep Fried Shishamo Smelt from Genki Sushi.

Take a sip of hot green tea to quench your thirst. You can follow the instruction on how to make your own green tea. Each table will be provided with Green tea powder.

Genki Sushi 
Lot LG1.109 Lower Level One
Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall
No.3, Jalan PJS 11/15,
Bandar Sunway, 
47500 Kuala Lumpur
Business Hour: 10am to 10pm

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