Dr. Glamogenic Is Your New Beauty Goals for this year

January 12, 2019

Due to Malaysia weather , it always messing up our skin. Our skin tend to breakout easily. I found a new skin solution that able solve my skin problems.

Introducing Dr. Glamogenic Perfection Whitening Spot Serum. Dr. Glamogenic is a skincare product from Australian and invented by doctors with over 30 years experience. You can trust on the brand as it dermatologist tested.

About Dr Glamogenic product :

Dr. Glamogenic have total 8 product ,

For body :

1. Enliven Brightening Cream 
Cream that help to lighten under arm, elbow and knee. 

2 Youth Restoring Modeling Shaping Cream Improve the elasticity of the skin

For face :

1. Hyaluronic Booster Serum
Moisturizing serum that work perfectly on sensitive/tired skin and improves skin texture.

2. Antioxidant Vit C+ Serum
Highly-concentrated serum that contains stabilized vitamin C derivative helps revitalize tired skin and brighten dull skin tone.

3. Perfection Whitening Spot Serum 
Lighten dark spot, freckles, facial blemishes and dark eye circle.

4. Brassica Peeling Gel 
 Mild peeling gel that rich in natural ingredients and work as a scrub

5. Dynamic Brightening Mask 
Brighten up skintone

6. Vitalize Soothing Mask 
100% cellulose sheet mask that nourishes and smoothen the skin.

Let check out my skin condition. Looking at the picture, I have light pigmentation and dull skin. I have tried different type of skincare but my pigmentation never get lighter.

Dr. Glamogenic Perfection Whitening Spot Serum works perfectly in lighten the Pigmentation on my skin.

 Love the lightweight texture of the cream and it absord fast into my skin.

 Rich in ingredients whereby I can see my pigmentation getting lighter within two working days. 

How to apply?

* After cleanse and tone the skin, apply the Serum to brown pigment spots.
*Dab it lightly until Serum is absorb.
* Apply in the morning and night for better result.

The serum also work well on skin blemishes, dark circles on eye area and freckles. Small and simple packaging whereby you can carry with you during travel.

How to purchase Dr. Glamogenic?

1) Order from official dealers:

2) Main distributer
Qurlivka Southeast Asia (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd
Level 16, The Pavilion Tower,
Japan Raja Chulan,
52200 Kuala Lumpur.
Contact: +603-61519198
Website: www.glamogenic.com

3) Authorised Dealer
Vintage Collection International Sdn Bhd Address: PC-001, Ground Floor,
Sunway Giza Mall.

Open time: 10am – 10pm
Customer service line: 012 691 6128
-same level with Village grocer / opposite Tea Live

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