The Transformation of My Skin With Murad Vitamin C Quenching Facial

December 15, 2018

Murad is my favourite beauty products due to the products is formulated with science-backed ingredients Building a perfect skin care routine is important as it can help to rejuvenate and brighten up our skin. Murad, the pioneering clinical skincare brand has been recognized worldwide.

Recently, I found the beauty of myself through Murad Vitamin C Quenching Facial. This is my first time trying Murad Facial. Upon arrival at Murad beauty center, the facialist will analyze my skin condition before she suggests suitable facial treatment for my skin. To tackle my skin problem, the facialist suggest I tried Murad Vitamin C Quenching Facial.

Looking at my skin analyze result, I have serious open pores, pigmentation and wrinkles near my eye area. Troubled by clogged pores? Leave to the professional to clear off the dirt from the pores. Start my facial with double cleanse and follow by exfoliation to remove the dead skin.

The next step is steam process before extraction to maintain the flawless complexion. The facialist are professional and she are conscious about my skin condition. You pores will be left purified without any redness. The session finished with applying on mask that helps to soothen and moisture my skin. The result were immediate - my skin look brighten, refresh and glowing. I personally love Murad Vitamin C Quenching facial. Thanks to Murad, premium skincare brand and the meticulous care of my therapist.

If you would like to try Murad Facial treatment,  place your booking now.  More information regarding Murad,  can be found at

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