Alce Nero: Organic Diet Linked to Lowered Risk of Cancer

December 10, 2018

Can organic food help to reduce the risk of developing cancer? A recent study published in the JAMA Internal Medicine by researchers from Institut National de la Sante et de la Recherche Medicale in France found that people who ate low-to-medium quality diets of organic food were 25% less likely to develop cancer1. The researchers studied more than 68,000 French adults over 4.5 years. One reason could be because organic products are less likely to contain pesticide residues than conventional foods2 according to the Agency for Research on Cancer. 

In Malaysia, cancers have been and continue to be among the top 10 leading causes of death among medical certified deaths based on the National Morbidity and Mortality3. 

Medical professionals advice regular daily exercise and reducing intake of high-fat and high-sugar diet4 while refraining from tobacco products, to help reduce the risk of developing cancer. Based on the recent study, switching to more organic food might soon join this list of good practices when it comes to ways of reducing the risk of developing cancer. 

Where can you start on the journey of eating organic? 

Alce Nero, a leader in organic foods among eco-conscious and health conscious consumers is celebrating its 40th anniversary by encouraging more people to switch to organic foods for better health, better taste and to be kinder to the environment. Organically grown, harvested and made in Italy with authentic Italian organic produce, the brand’s products include a selection of organic pastas, extra virgin olive oil, honey, pasta sauces, jams and vinegars. 

The Alce Nero cooperative of farmers prides itself on being 100% organic certified by European Union law and by JAS organic agriculture in Japan, including the crops, the land on which it is grown, the factories in which it is processed, as well as the procedures and ingredients used for all items. 

“Non-organic certified foods are widely available and almost always more affordable but they do tend to contain preservatives, pesticides, MSG, artificial sweeteners, flavourings, colouring, high sodium and other items that may have a negative impact on health in the long term. Alce Nero’s certified 100% organic products are free from such additives. For example Alce Nero’s Organic Strawberry Jam contains 275g of fruit that make 270g of finished strawberry jam that contain no added sugar, pectin, preservatives or additives for the natural taste and aroma of fruit.” 

“Based on the recent study, organic food may also help in reducing the risk of developing cancer and incorporating it into your meal is a step towards overall good health and wellness. This is the gift that Alce Nero wants to share for its 40th anniversary – organic good taste, good health, good for the Earth!” said Nathan Deverre, Marketing Advisor for Alce Nero. 

Use Alce Nero products in your daily cooking with confidence as it is certified Halal by official certification bodies recognized by JAKIM. 

Recipe : Creamy Salmon Penne Pasta 

Serves 2 person
Ingredients Quantity
Alce Nero Organic Penne 300g
Alce Nero Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2 tbsp
White onion, chopped 1 medium size
Garlic, chopped 2 cloves
Salmon 4 pieces
Cooking cream 300ml
Eggs 2
Grated parmesan cheese ½ cup
1. Boil pasta in a large pot of salted water for about 10 minutes.
2. Drain pasta and drizzle oil to prevent it from sticking. Set it aside to cool.
3. Heat up oil in a pan and sauté the onions and garlic until fragrant.
4. Add in cream, eggs, cheese and salmon and bring to boil.
5. Switch off the fire and add cooked pasta to the creamy mixture.
6. Toss evenly and serve.

Alce Nero products are available nationwide through AEON, Cold Storage, Ben’s Independent, Jason’s Food Hall, Jaya Grocer and Village Grocer. Prices range from RM5.80 to RM36.80. For more wholesome, unique and organic recipes, please visit and Facebook page

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