Nature's Heart 'Ride and Move' Encourages Healthier Food and Drinks Choices

December 09, 2018

Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy and live Healthy is my resolution for this year. I have applied it in my daily life and will spend twice a week preparing healthy food and visit the gym. Speaking about preparing a healthy food, I will choose Nature's Heart products.

Nature's Heart is dedicated to offering healthier food and drinks of exceptional quality, taste and value, is inviting more people to get active via its ride and move event that highlights how healthier food and drinks help provide the energy needed to complete regular daily activities and even new fitness activities.

This time theme is 'Ride and Move As One With Nature's Heart' and guest can experience themselves indoor bicycle riding classes set to high-energy, cutting-edge sound and lighting led by inspirational instructors at a leading specialist fitness studio. Let's get started to burn unwanted fat out from your body and stay fit.

The event comes at a time when Malaysians need to get healthy. The National Health and Morbidity Survey 2015 showed that 47.7% of adults have high cholesterol levels. Adding to the health issues about 17.7 per cent of adults are obese based on the World Health Organization (1998) classification while about one out of three are overweight.

The same survey revealed that 94% of Malaysian adults do not eat enough fresh fruits and vegetables when fiber has been shown to be essential to a healthy balanced diet.

What Nature's Heart offer for us?

Nature's Heart's full offering includes Multi Grains, Fruit and Vegetables drink mix, Milled Flax Seeds, Chia Seeds, Roasted Cashew Nuts (Salted), Roasted Mixed Nuts, Roasted Almonds (Salted), Roasted Macadamia Nuts (Salted), Dried Apricots, Dried Cranberries and Oat Biscuits with Raisin. The full range is available exclusively at Guardian. Nature's Heart's products are known for their health promoting benefits are sourced from selected countries of origin including Australia, India, Turkey and the United States of America.

To prepare for the challenging workout, Joanna Soh, Asia's No.1 Fitness YouTuber teach us how to create edible terrarium from Nature's Heart products. "Spinning can burn up to 400 to 600 calories per hour. If you're pursuing high intensity activities such as these you need good food. This edible terrarium is a feast for the eyes and tasty. By using Nature's Heart Chia Seeds, Dried Cranberries, Roasted Mixed Nuts and Oat Biscuits with Raisins as ingredients, it helps in providing nutrition benefits. Ideal as a treat after you've completed a particularly challenging workout or even as a special breakfast," Ms. Joanna Soh explained.

Edible Chocolate Terrarium's recipe


1 pack Nature's Heart Oat biscuit with raisins
1 tub Natural Set Yogurt
2 teaspoons Honey
1 1/2 tablespoons Cocoa powder
1 Slice of healthy brownies
Nature's Heart Roasted Mixed Nuts or Roasted Cashew Nuts (Salted) / Almond (Salted) / Macadamia Nuts (Salted)
Nature's Heart Dried Cranberries
Nature's Heart Chia Seeds
Edible Flowers


1) Create the first layer edible sand
 - To create the edible sand, cruch the Nature's Heart Oat Biscuits with Raisin in a zip lock bag using a pin roller. And out in the jar as the first layer.

2) Second layer is the moist soil

- Mix 1 tub of yogurt, 2 teaspoon of honey and 1 1/2 tablespoon of cocoa powder in a bowl. Once done, fill it up in the same jar on top of the first layer.

3) Third layer is the dirt

- Crunch a healthy brownies and refill it on top of the second layer. 

4) After layering everything, you can choose your preferred topping from Nature's Heart Roasted Mixed nuts or Roasted Cashew Nuts (Salted) / Almonds (Salted) / Macadamia Nuts (Salted), Nature's Heart Dried cranberries or Nature's Heart Chia Seeds.  

5) Lastly, top everything of with some edible flowers. 

Hope you can enjoy create your own edible terrarium and start a healthy life with Nature's heart. Nature's Heart is available only at Guardian stores and the Guardian e-store: . There are more than 400 Guardian stores nationwide. Nature's Heart products are price from RM5.54 to RM47.07 exclusive at Guardian.  

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