You Can Be Fashionista With Rosegal

November 27, 2018

In yesterday's post I introduced you a beautiful store full of incredible pieces, today's post has the same purpose. I was invited by Rosegal to show some beautiful pieces for the followers Plus Size that accompany me, the world of fashion Plus has improved every day, it was the time when the beautiful plus women could not find current, beautiful and dressing well, one could hear that the chunky women's pieces looked like old men's clothes, remember that? This is past, especially in the Rosegal store, the larger parts there are beautiful, stylish and modern. As in the previous post I gave some fashion tips to take advantage of their parts throughout the year I will do the same thing here, but with larger pieces, so the blog tips can be for everyone, without exception.

Long dresses are mostly pieces that bring elegance, taste. With this piece is nothing different, its layered detail leaves the piece younger, current, while the detail shoulder to shoulder makes it more feminine, delicate. And its polka dot pattern is a classic of fashion, pieces like this are very wearable. You can enjoy them in all seasons, whether in winter with a leather jacket, or in summer, with a beautiful underfoot.

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The neckline shoulder to shoulder has been a trend for a long time already, this type of neckline is great for valuing the neck and let our jewelry and costume jewelry to show, highlighting the woman's femininity, which I find beautiful. See these and more pieces in the store, besides women's fashion they also work with men's fashion, accessories to compose our looks and many other things, worth checking out and knowing more.

No excuses for not using beautiful pieces of my girls plus, you are wonderful and can find wonderful pieces, just like you!

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