The Art of Decorating Dinner Tables – Demystified

November 07, 2018

Are you planning on hosting a dinner party at your home? Are you on the hunt for some unique and interesting ideas that you can use to decorate your dinner table for the upcoming function? Well, we have put together some amazing dinner table décor ideas that will help you transform the look of your regular and utilitarian dinner table to a fabulous and fancy one. Here’s everything you need to know:

Give The Table A Romantic Theme With Beautiful Candles
When candles are placed on a dinner table, they automatically give the surroundings a romantic and classy vibe. You can decorate the dining table with long and taper candles. Depending on the theme of your dinner party, you can select candles of a specific color. For instance, if you are having a Christmas or Valentine dinner for couples, you can opt for red candles, if you’re having a dinner party for your office colleagues, you can place gold or silver candles and so on. Place the candles in brass or silver candleholders to give the dining table a sophisticated or upscale appeal. 

Fancy China And Simple Tablecloth For The Dinner Table
If you want to give the dining table a classy but minimalistic vibe, you can opt for fancy china but a simple and single colored tablecloth. For instance, if you’re planning on placing bold, bright and geometric print plates on the dining table, you can opt for a navy blue or deep magenta tablecloth. If you’re opting for floral print plates, you can use a golden-beige tablecloth for the table and so on. When selecting the tablecloth, make sure that it matches well with the plates that you’re placing on the dining table. Contrasting colors on the dining table may not be the wisest idea. 

Go Natural With The Décor
Natural elements will make your dining table look absolutely phenomenal and outstanding. There are several different ideas that you can use to incorporate natural elements in and around the dining area: 

* Installing interior landscaping elements around the dining room can uplift the charm and vibe of the party.
* Get in touch with an office plant hire company to get a hold of beautiful miniature artificial plants that can be placed as centerpieces on your dining table.
* Install a beautiful and lush green Christmas tree in the dining area if you’re having a Christmas dinner and decorate the tree with large commercial Christmas decorations to add a holiday spirit to the surroundings.
* Use seashells, pine cones and other such natural items as decorative pieces for the dining table.
* Floral arrangements can be used as centrepieces on the dining table and so on.

Give The Dining Table A Rich And Wealthy Appeal
If the dinner party you’re planning is a fancy and upscale one, you will need to give the dining table a rich and wealthy vibe. One effective way to decorate the dining table is by placing all silver cutlery, silver serving trays, silver napkin holders and other such items. If you’re planning on serving a post-dinner tea to your guests, you can serve them tea from a pure silver tea set too. 

Go All Out With The Table Linen
If you have a very simple set of plates for your dinner party, you can jazz up the dining table by going all out with the table linen. Cover the dining table with beautifully embroidered and boldly colored tablecloths, place runners that are sequenced and fancy, get dinner napkins that have stunning prints on them and so on. The table linen plays a very important role in giving the dining table that added charm. 

Set Your Best Wine Glasses On The Table
You need to bring out your best stemware when hosting a dinner party. If you’re fortunate enough to have gorgeous wine glasses with small dazzling crystals in the stem, place those fancy and fabulous wine glasses on the dining table on the day of your party. Even if you have a limited budget for the wine, you can make the most mediocre of wines seem super fancy with stemware. Take out your wedding time stemware if need be so that you can completely jazz up the dining table décor. 

Use Rose Petals To Decorate The Table
Red or pink rose petals, or maybe even a combination of both, can be used to decorate the dining table. To use this dining table decoration idea, you will need a white tablecloth to cover the dining table. Then you need to randomly throw rose petals all around the table and place the plates and other cutlery on top of the scattered rose petals. If you want to give the table a slightly ethnic vibe, you can opt for marigold flowers and scatter a handful of these flowers across the dining table. 

Decorate The Dining Area Completely
In order for your dinner party décor to be a success, you need to make sure that your entire dining area is well decorated and looks beautiful. Proper lighting, beautiful showpieces, crystal glasses, floral arrangements and other such items should be placed all around the dining room. A stunningly decorated dining room is as important as having the perfect dining table décor. You can’t expect to have a successful party with a shabbily decorated dining room and stunningly decorated dining table. Both need to be equally well put together for the perfect dinner bash. 

When you’re planning the decoration for your dining table, just get a little creative and add your own personal touches. You can use the above-mentioned ideas as it is, or you can even twist the ideas to your own preferences and likings. All these ideas are tried and tested and have had some pretty incredible outcomes. You can use these dining table décor ideas for Christmas parties, family get-togethers, office parties and other such dinner events. Your guests will be pleasantly surprised and totally amazed by the beautiful dining table décor that you present to them.

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