Review Operasi X - Malaysia Best Film Of The Year

November 09, 2018

Seriously, this is my first time watch local movie in Cinema. One word I can describe Operasi X, "Excellent" movie. Thumb up to the director and actors and actress in Operasi X. Carry a big hope enter Midvalley cinema for Operasi X and I never regret choosing Operasi X.

Each of them carry well the role perfectly and their influence to our Malaysian is big. I would say Operasi X is the Best Film in 2018 and worth to share with moviegoer.

The moment the Operasi X start, I was so excited plus anxious when saw the fierce situation. The gun shooting between Mat Bong Gang and PDRM. The perfect soundtrack of the cinema bring my imagination into the situation. I feel like I am a part of PDRM team to fight the Mat Bong gang.

The situation become hot when PDRM take down Mat Bong and at the same time one of the police officer, Inspector Aman die on the spot. ASP Redzuan witness the dead of his best friend, Inspector Aman and he can't accept the fact. This make ASP Redzuan lost his faith in his fellow officers.

On the other side, the dead of Mat Bong has trigger the anger of Belut and he want to find out who is the killer.

Dato Awie brings well his character as Belut also well known as " King of Smuggler". Belut character is fierce and powerful from outside but soft heart from inside. Belut is care for his family. Although Operasi X is a action movie but it also infuse comedian scene so we don't feel boring when watching it.

On the other hand ASP Redzuan breaks off the communication with others and started his new life at secluded island. Dato Aaron Aziz has a good potential as ASP Redzuan and he is responsible police. During his new life at the island, he meets Cikgu Ayu that able stole his hearts. Their romantic scene, touch my heart. Cikgu Ayu soft and kind personality has melted Redzuan heart.

Redzuan life start to changes when Dato' Mokhtar and Tuan Anwar from Bukit Aman manage to track him down. Dato' Mokhtar and Tuan Anwar reveal the real situation how Inspector Aman die on the scene. After knowing the truth ASP Redzuan, accept the tasked that assign to him. He is leading an operation called Operasi X to take down Belut Gang. Wow...the energetic moment comeback.  I munched the popcorn in my mouth and eye never let go from the cinema screen.  I don't want miss the best moment. 

This round,  who will win in this battle?  This question keeps playing in my mind.  My guess has been answered when Belut found out Mat Bong is not kill by police but a professional killer that hired by assistance.  Sad,  happiness,  temper and crazy moment has balance the whole storyline in Operasi X.  Because of power, people start to betray each other.  ASP Redzuan team up his team to take down the culprit of the plan and fight for justice. Operasi X end with a victory. 👏👏

Behind the Scene

The hard work of every crew to make Operasi X happen have gained a fruitful result.  From shooting under the sun until the dangerous part,  director has plot the story beautifully. 

Personal Opinion about Operasi X

Operasi X is a successful film in this year and it changes my bias toward local movie.  Each of the scene combine action,  thriller and happy moment that make me no time to think of boring.  If you ask me,  what is the my rating for Operasi X?  I will answer 4.5/5. Why not 5/5? Is because I  put of big hope,  director will casting Operasi X part 2 and ASP Redzuan fighting spirit will not end. Operasi X still available in Malaysia Cinema and don't miss the best movie.  It is worth to sacrifice your time for Operasi X. Psssst... Next round can I be the Operasi X assistance? 🤔🤔 

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