How To Dress Up For Summer With Zaful?

November 26, 2018

Hi guys, How are you? I was invited by ZAFUL to show you some dresses that will be a trend for next summer, it may seem that you are far away but do not be fooled, some trends for the next spring /summer are already making themselves present in the store and I can confess? All the pieces, without exception, are one more beautiful than the other. Before I show you more details of the parts of the store I would like to give you some tips for you to always choose timeless pieces:

Choose more classic pieces

 What do I call more classic pieces? Parts that have a good fit in your body type and that are of a simpler cut, without many complements that refer much to the "fashion of the season" details like lace, more discreet ruffles, buttons, colors like white, black, gray, navy blue, these are elements of more timeless pieces that you will wear at any time of the year. Striped pieces, poas, animal print, are hardly out of fashion, so they are also pieces that you can use whenever you want. Regardless of which station you are in.
Pieces like the one shown above are classic pieces, the flower print never ceases to be fashionable, what can happen is it if it reinvent itself badly leave the summer trend? Never! This is a classic spring piece, great for hot afternoons, to wear with heels or a flat sandal. You choose the shoe that you like the most, the piece is extremely classic and you can use it however you want.
Just like this one, that despite a piece with summer
shades, you can easily wear it in an autumn look, with a boot and a black coat will look lovely.See
more details
about the pieces that are present
in the ZAFUL store, in addition to
the store is full of news for the
fall / winter too, you can enjoy and secure your parts of all seasons there, inclusives
Like the tips? Tomorrow I will come back with another
post with incredible tips for you.

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