Ecostore Oral Care Range - The New launch Natural Oral Care in Malaysia

November 29, 2018

Due to my family members diagnoses with eczema, I am very particular when come to purchase household products especially personal care products. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about promoting a healthy oral care habits to my family. Frankly speaking, I don't give much thought about oral care previously. I will grab whatever that convenient or affordable for me. Did you know some oral care has chemicals that are not good for our health? Switch it to natural oral care that emerging from brands like ecostore which are safer for you and your family.

I am glad that I found a complete oral care regime of toothpaste, toothbrush and mouthwash brought to you by ecostore. ecostore oral care is safe to use as it uses natural derived plant and mineral ingredient. I am glad that I found a complete oral care regime of toothpaste, toothbrush and mouthwash brought to you by ecostore from New Zealand. Ecostore oral care contains naturally derived plant-based ingredients that are safer for you than regular toothpastes.

I'm been using ecostore Complete Care toothpaste, toothbrush and mouthwash. My first impression was the toothpaste is less strong than regular toothpaste but still leave my mouth feeling minty fresh. But in terms of usage, it works better than other toothpaste as it 100% plant-based ingredients. 

ecostore Complete Care toothpaste (100g)

I love the clean packaging of the toothpaste . It foams well despite not containing any SLS, triclosan and parabens and feels good on the teeth. It helps to reduce the plague and prevents tartar build up.

It also helps to protect my gum while maintaining a freshen breath. It is made from naturally derived plant-based  ingredients.

ecostore toothpaste comes in three variants : Complete Care, Propolis and Whitening. 

ecostore toothbrush (single pack)

ecostore toothbrush comes in 2 variants: Soft and Medium bristles. I prefer a toothbrush with a soft bristles due to sensitive gum. Thanks to the rising awareness of plastic pollution and it makes us reconsider our daily choices. ecostore toothbrush are made from 99%plant-based. The toothbrush is BPA , PVC & Phthalate free.

While bristles is made from 60% plant-based and also gives a higher quality finish. The toothbrush feel well made, solid to hold and shelf ready tray of 2x6 (12 brushes). The toothbrush helps to minimise bleeding gum while giving my gnashers a good scrub. The toothbrush come is 4 colors.

ecostore Complete Care Mouthwash (450ml)

Most of the commercial mouthwash contain an alcohol which can cause an initial burning sensation, unpleasant taste and bouts of dryness in the mouth. I will prefer ecostore Complete Care mouthwash as it's alcohol free. The mouthwash prevent tooth decay, reduce the amount of plague and provide long lasting freshness.

The mouthwash contains natural New Zealand Kanuka Oil and Magnolia Bark. The Magnolia Bark extract clinically proven  to reduce dental plaque and gingivitis. And the ingredients have significant antibacterial activity against organisms that cause bad breath. While Kanuka oil that come from the native New Zealand kanuka plant. Kanuka is effective anti-inflammatory and antiseptic that helps to protect gums. 

Why choose ecostore Oral Care?

↠ ecostore is No.1 trusted and authentic brand from New Zealand. 
↠ ecostore products contain safer ingredients for you and your family. 
↠ ecostore using hero ingredients such as Magnolia Bark extract and NZ Kanuka oil. 
↠ ecostore toothbrush is made from plant-based plastic.
↠ I like the clean packaging of ecostore oral care. Because they include natural ingredients and omit potentially harmful ones, natural oral care is kinder to you and the environment too.

ecostore's practice No Nasty Chemicals policy whereby No SLS, Triclosan, No Parabens, BPA free, No Alcohol, No Phtalates and No Fluoride. Switch your current oral care to ecostore oral care range. Good news to my reader as you get to enjoy 10% discount by key in the voucher code ‘BETLIEW10’. The voucher is valid until 30th November 2018.

More information regarding ecostore Oral Care range can be found at or ecostore Malaysia Facebook:

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