Skincare Discoveries: Seka Whitening+ Lotion Is What You Need To Achieve Dewing Skin

October 16, 2018

If you looking a new skincare product to try, you may consider SEKA Whitening+ Lotion. SEKA, Japanese beauty brand that founded in 2016.  Seka aims to produce high quality of products whereby they paying most attention to their manufacturing and product development. SEKA pride itself as believer of traditional concept fermentation to achieve rejuvenation. The main ingredients of SEKA’s beauty products is Mt. Fuji’s Spring Water as the soft water with a low hardness of 34mg/L, making it extremely gentle for the skin.

 Do you realize why Japanese women seem not ageing? The answer behind the great story is using the premium skincare that using fermentation method. Beside maintaining a good lifestyle and eating habit, invest a good skincare is important. Frankly speaking this is my first time using skincare that using fermentation method and impress with ingredient. SEKA Whitening+ is the latest skincare line.

I dare say that the SEKA Whitening+ Lotion might be the next best thing to looking your prime at any age. The product specially developed and tested to suit Asian skin, whereby Coenzyme Q10 works to reactivate the skin’s natural power to fight off the visible signs of skin aging. It allows our skin to bounce back on the journey to forever young

The lotion packs with grapefruit extract that has the power to lock the moisture of my skin. It provides all-day hydration and improves skin’s texture to reveal a plumped, smooth complexion.

I love the light texture of the lotion that is fast-absorbing and soft on the skin. And my skin that delivers fast results to supplement my on-the-go lifestyle. Feature Metasilicate nourishes skin and strengthens skin’s moisture barrier. While Arbutin prevents the formation of melanin and my complexion look more brighter.

Apply on clean skin twice a day to achieve the best result for your skin. SEKA Whitening+ Lotion suitable for moist skin type. 

The SEKA Whitening+ Lotion is available at SEKA Official Website at . Good news for my reader, key in "BEYONDBEAUTY" To get 20% discount for SEKA products. The discount code can be used on all online purchase and free shipping within Malaysia. 

More information regarding SEKA products and brand, visit SEKA official website: or follow SEKA on Facebook: and Instagram:

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