Secret Nature Take You One Step To Experience Jeju Adventure X Watsons Malaysia

October 03, 2018

Now you can experience the natural skincare from JEJU brought to you by Watsons Malaysia. secret nature, South Korean beauty brand collaborate with Watsons, to open the brand's first retail stores nationwide to 90 doors. Experience yourself the beauty of secret nature skincare.

secret nature is inspired by natural and purity whereby they aim to provide Malaysians with healthier and cleaner beauty choices. Secret Nature products are formulated with up to 97% naturally derive ingredients sourced from the pristine conditions of Korea's Jeju Island.

secret nature Background

secret nature is founded by Hankook Cosmetics Co., Ltd. which has over half-century history in South Korea. The company oversees a wide umbrella of brands such as the SAEM and manufacturer for many successful Korean Cosmetics brands such as CLIO, The Face Shop, April Skin etc. With Hankook Cosmetics, secret nature truly understands Asian skin conditions and can adapt to the consumers' ever-changing interests thanks to its fast-paced R&D process, diverse customizable offerings and global distribution.

The beauty ingredients behind secret nature

secret nature is a natural brand that shares the benefits of nature from the pristine. Let's take a closer look at natural ingredients:-

#1 Aloe Vera - Aloe Vera known as anti-inflammatory, anti-aging and help to soothe our skin while provide sufficient hydration to our skin. 

#2 Broccoli - Broccoli is well known to nourish our skin, anti-aging properties and skin regenerating function.

#3 Olive - Olive helps to firm our skin and a good properties for antioxidant. It also keep our skin hydrate all the time. 

#4 Canola - Canola helps for skin brightening and tighten our pores. And Anti-aging properties.

#5 Green Tea - Green Tea is good as anti-inflammatory, help to soothe and calm down our skin while maintain the hydration of our skin. And it also work as anti-aging.

#6 Asparagus - Asparagus helps to calm and nourish our skin. It also helps to tighten our pores.

#7 Carrot - Good for pores tightening, antioxidant and anti-aging.

#8 Centella Asiatica - Helps to firm our skin and leave our skin smooth. And anti-aging properties.

#9 Camellia- Camellia provide moisture to our skin and good for sensitive skin as it has anti-inflammatory properties. And also antioxidant.

Take a look at their special products to solve your skin concern. secret nature's products are all eco-friendly. From the clean packaging until the natural ingredients that content in secret natural.

This products is a star product as my skin changed tremendously after using this for awhile. It's amazing. I cannot thank secret nature enough.

The brand's key products include from Jeju Green tea line for deep hydration, Volcanic Ash Line for pore cleansing, Jeju Sheet Mask Line to name few.

The full range, as well as limited online exclusives, is now available on . The Website will ship nationwide, with option to Click & Collect at any Watsons store.

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