October 25, 2018

I am a fan of contact lens and prefer natural contact lenses. Some contact lenses make me feel uncomfortable as it dry to fast. As the result I having difficulty to take it out after a day of wearing as it tends to stick to my eyeball. Your contact lens choice and care habits are essential to maintaining healthy and happy eyes. 

With proper care and the right contact lens, you can alleviate these issues while maintaining good eye health. Introduce the latest contact lenses, Aveo Vision that official launch in Malaysia. 

Speaking at today’s launch of Aveo Vision in Malaysia, Prof. Dr. Haliza from the Depart-ment of Healthcare Sciences, University Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) stated that “daily disposable lenses are the most hygienic and convenient modality of contact lenses.” Prof. Dr. Haliza also stated that “based on a clinical trial conducted at UKM, Aveo Hello lenses are suitable for individuals with dry eye syndrome.”

Aveo Vision launched its flagship product, the Aveo Hello daily disposable contact lenses, in the United States of America in April 2018. Led by entrepreneur and CEO, Cecile Thai, the San Francisco-based company is on a mission to change the way we wear con-tacts. Through Aveo’s e-commerce website, consumers can access superior quality con-tact lenses at an incredible value. 

With today’s announcement, the wait is over for contact lens wearers in Malaysia. Aveo Vision is the first company to launch a direct-to-consumer contact lens brand in Malaysia. Consumers will be able to purchase the daily disposable contact lenses on-the-go, or at the comfort of their own home, through Aveo’s online store at aveovision.my. Aveo Hello lenses feature exclusive AquaLock technology and BlissEdge design for all-day comfort. Consumers will be able to choose from 3 affordable plans: 1-month supply, 6-month sup-ply, or 12-month supply. 

Dato' Seri Stanley Thai, the Founder and President of Supervision Optimax Sdn Bhd, stated that he was inspired to invest in the most advanced contact lens technology from the United Kingdom when he learned about eye health problems among youths who were misusing contact lenses. This led to the start of the first Malaysian-owned state-of-the-art manufacturing facility producing high-quality contact lenses that are also affordable.

Aveo Hello daily disposable contact lenses are made with premium omafilcon A with 58% water content. With AquaLock technology, Aveo Hello lenses lock in hydration and nat-urally resist buildup for more hygienic contact lenses that promote healthier eyes.
The lenses also incorporate a unique BlissEdge design that enhances comfort by not only minimizing friction with the eyelids but also promoting tear exchange and allowing more oxygen to reach the cornea. 

Aveo Hello contact lenses are perfect for active lifestyles. Its aspheric optics design pro-vides outstanding high-definition vision, and its built-in Class II UV Blocker prevents on av-erage 97% of UVB and 87% of UVA radiation. 

Aveo Vision’s in-house R&D team of scientists understand the importance of oxygen for maintaining healthy eyes. With that in mind, Aveo Hello lenses offer oxygen transmissibility levels that are the best in its class. The lenses are packed in a gentle, non-irritating pH 7.4 saline solution similar to natural tears, with no added artificial wetting agents. 

At today’s launch of Aveo Hello contact lenses, guests and the media alike were able to get their eyes checked for free! They were also able to get fitted on the spot with Aveo Hello daily disposable contact lenses free of charge. 

Aveo Hello contact lenses are affordably priced, with purchase plans starting at RM60 for 30 pairs of daily disposable lenses. For more information about Aveo Vision or to pur-chase Aveo Hello contacts, visit aveovision.my. Connect with Aveo Vision on Facebook and Instagram: @aveovisionmy.

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