ZV Beauty The New Generation Beauty Products That Worth For Investment

October 05, 2018

Are you dare enough to go with nude makeup? Your feature looks more outshine with ZV beauty.  Although ZV beauty is new launch in the market but it able inspire beauty junkie. 

ZV Beauty launched it full range collection.

* Precision Face Base Primer
* Precision Treatment Foundation
* Precision Loose Powder
* Precision Eyeshadow

The beauty of ZV Beauty

ZV Beauty is founded in 2018 holding a strong philosophy to produce a high quality yet not overbearing ingredients. ZV Beauty offers ever women a products that can promote a healthy skin as our skin deserves love and pamper to achieve a beautiful skin.

During the launching,  3 professional makeup artists demonstrate how to create different makeup looks using ZV Beauty.  

Is ZV Beauty worth for my investment? 

Let's check out the premium quality of ZV Beauty? 

Makeup Primer

* Formulate with Argan oil and Marula oil and powered by Vitamin E. The makeup able gives 24 hours protection that last longer and keep my skin more glowing. 

Treatment Foundation 

* Formulate with Argan Oil and Marula oil and powered by Vitamin C &  Vitamin E.  Perfect coverage without clogged my pores.  The foundation last longer and my skin look brighter.  The foundation suitable for acne or sensitive skin. 

Loose powder

* Formulate with Argan Oil and Marula oil and powered by Vitamin C &  Vitamin E.  Seamless natural application to mattifying your look.  Blur fines lines,  minimize pores and keep zits away.  

Eye Shadow 

*Highly pigmented that come with attractive colors.  Smooth texture for easily application on other eye lid. 

My personal review

Fall in love with ZV Beauty Makeup Primer and Treatment Foundation that able create smooth and glowing texture.  The shade not too bright or dark.  Suitable for those that love nude makeup.  The color blends well with Asian skin tone.  While the eye shadow color easy to apply on the eye lid.  It makes my eye look more brighter and outstanding. Watch my makeup tutorial to find out more.

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