Vinda Deluxe Unveils ‘Stay Strong Malaysia: Bersama Kita Bersihkan Tanahair Kita’ Campaign in Conjunction with Malaysia Day

September 24, 2018

Let's celebrate the new Malaysia make us proud and more strong just like Vinda Deluxe new campaign, “Stay Strong, Malaysia: Bersama Kita Bersihkan Tanahair Kita. The campaign held in conjunction with Malaysia Day at Sunway Pyramid from 14-17 September. Working with Malaysian cartoonist Zunar, the event spotlights a first-of-its-kind largest comic artwork drawn on Vinda Deluxe tissues, reflecting the rise of a ‘new’ Malaysia and Malaysians’ strong passion for a bright future. This innovative use of tissue highlights the Extra Strong feature of Vinda Deluxe tissues. 

“Vinda Deluxe is synonymous with strength, and this latest effort underscores our ongoing promise to Stay Strong For You through every situation and circumstance. In the past we celebrated strength in relationships with Malaysia’s first tissue wedding gown, created exclusively for a real-life couple’s special day. Today, in solidarity with all Malaysians, we are excited to bring strength to life in another form, through the “Stay Strong, Malaysia: Bersama Kita Bersihkan Tanahair Kita” campaign. Zunar’s creation demonstrates the strength of Vinda Deluxe tissues while calling for Malaysians to stand firm in their dream of making a positive change. His unique perspective to the campaign also reflects our brand promise, that Vinda Deluxe will Stay Strong for You, just as Malaysians stay strong for one another,” said Evelyn Chan, Marketing Director, Vinda Group Southeast Asia. 

A cartoonist who has been drawing editorial cartoons for over 20 years and known among many as an advocate for truth and transparency in the country, Zunar’s original creation is hand-drawn on Vinda Deluxe tissues measuring 16 feet by eight feet, making it the nation’s largest comic art on tissue.
“Malaysia is going through an unprecedented chapter in our nation’s history; we stood strong and played our part, but what comes next? We have achieved a ‘new’ Malaysia but it’s now time for Malaysians to look deep inside and think about what else needs to be done. My artwork reflects the urgent need for us to tackle the root of our problems, cutting them off if necessary, so that we can grow new shoots that are strong and positive. I hope this campaign serves as an inspiration for all Malaysians to uproot all our bad habits so we can remain strong and united, and create a country that is cleaner and better for all,” said Zunar. 

Speaking on his experience drawing on Vinda Deluxe tissues, Zunar said, “I was truly surprised that a tissue could be this strong, but Vinda Deluxe certainly lives up to its promise. Together, we have played a small part in celebrating Malaysia’s strength and resilience, and it’s a privilege to work with a like-minded partner like Vinda Deluxe. This is my first major piece of work for public exhibition since the dawn of our new Malaysia and it’s a great way to celebrate Malaysia Day!” 

This original comic tissue art is the centrepiece of the “Stay Strong, Malaysia: Bersama Kita Bersihkan Tanahair Kita” event, which also features interesting on-ground activities for Malaysians of all ages. These include quiz games with giveaways as well as tissue craft and portrait printing on Vinda Deluxe tissues, demonstrating Vinda Deluxe’s Knitted Fibre Technology that makes its tissues extra strong, extra soft and extra absorbent. This same Technology enables Vinda Deluxe tissues to stay strong even when wet, a practical and useful feature for personal care as well as cleaning. 

“Events like these are opportunities to engage with mall-goers and the tissue artwork captures the essence of strength in a beautiful and uniquely Malaysian way. Sunway Pyramid is pleased to co-host such an inspiring event with Vinda Deluxe to celebrate Malaysia Day,” said Loo Hoey Theen, Marketing Director of Sunway Malls. 

Head down and join Vinda Deluxe “Stay Strong, Malaysia: Bersama Kita Bersihkan Tanahair Kita” event, only at Sunway Pyramid, (Central Avenue, LG2) from 14 - 17 September 2018. Try yourself the strongest tissue among other tissue. 

Vinda Deluxe Tissues are available as Facial Tissue (box and soft packs), Pocket Hanky and Toilet Paper, in scented and unscented variants, from RM6.00 to RM33.80. For more information on Vinda Deluxe Tissues and the campaign, visit or follow the Vinda Malaysia Facebook page,

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