Say "Yes" to Anlene UHT Milk To Activate Energetic And Fast Movement

September 15, 2018

Do you realize your movement become slow when age catching up? You tend to spend more time sleep cuddle in your blanket. Or seat too long in office facing your computer. These situation not only create the laziness symptom in you but you tend to complain back pain or you easily sprain you muscles.

Stand out and take a first movement for a healthy life. Choosing Anlene UHT milk to activated a healthy life is smart choice. I do love to drink milk since I was young and I still keep the same practice. Recently I decided to take extra effort to maintain a healthy me. 

Anlene On-the-Go Breakfast

I spend my time travel to one of the listed LRT stations to grab RM1 Anlene On-the-Go Breakfast. The queue start from 8am to 11am and Anlene On-the-Go Breakfast only available on 27th August until 31st August 2018. 

Yes, you get me correct and is only RM1 for a complete nutrients to start up my breakfast. Drinking Anlene UHT milk offers you more than just a calcium but also 50% more nutrients that needed in our body. I get to enjoy Anlene UHT milk with Munchy's 7Days Croissant for only RM1. Psst, don't ever skip your breakfast as breakfast fuels your body with energy. 

Anlene Roving Truck

Anyone of you able catch Anlene Roving Truck from 5th September until 8th September 2018 at designated area? Raise your ✋ if are the lucky person as me. And the best part I able meet and greet Stacy Anam during Anlene Roving Truck at Bukit Bintang on 7th September 2018. 

During the event, public get to sampling free UHT and Yogurt plus enjoy the special promo. I manage get to taste Anlene UHT milk. Anlene UHT Milk pack with calcium, collagen and protein that needed by my body. 

Meet Stacy Anam and Jump Higher

You get to test your energy level by experience yourself the 1st Interactive Jump Billboard in town! It make look tough activities but when you join the fun together with the crowd, you mission easy to accomplish.

Give a pat to my own shoulder as I manage to complete the jump mission and my effort well reward with Anlene UHT milk. 💪💪 💪 Looking forward for Anlene next challenge activities.

The fun  not yet ended as we get to jump with Stacy Anam. I really salute Stacy Anam as she so energetic and her movement is fast. Anlene UHT Milk get her moving and stays on top of her game. High ✋ as I also big fans of Anlene UHT Milk.

Why choosing Anlene UHT Milk?

Anlene UHT Milk pack with high Calcium that needed by our bones, joints and muscles. It help to strengthen the structure of our bone and make my movement more sharp, energetic an powerful. I pick up martial arts as my favorite sport. Age doesn't stop me from being active in movement as I drink one pack of Anlene UHT milk daily.

Anlene UHT Milk contains collagen that need not only by our skin and is important component in joint cartilage. 

An active person like me definitely need protein in my body. And Anlene UHT Milk contains sufficient protein that needed by my body.

New Anlene UHT milk keep us STAY ACTIVE, STAY AGILE. Come in two flavors with a cute packaging that you even can bring with you whenever you go. Anlene UHT Milk is specially tailored for fast, energetic movement. Are you ready to start your first movement with Anlene UHT Milk? Find out more above Anlene UHT Milk at here:

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