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September 01, 2018

Have anyone heard of BuyandShip online platform? Introduce the latest Online forwarding service (import) that blend well in Malaysia market. I believe most of us have when through the pain of buying something from other countries, but only to know the store or online platform doesn't ship to Malaysia. It's frustrating, especially if you've been looking for an item for a long period of time.

Thanks to BuyandShip as it helps us to ease the frustration. If you love to shop from other country, BuyandShip is the right Online forwarding service (import) that will fulfill your dream.

How does it work?

Step 1: Register with BuyandShip to get your ID number and the address for the warehouse that located at 7 locations such as Japan, US, UK, Korea, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Step 2: Start your shopping at any platform that you wish and remember to fill up the nearest warehouse address and your ID number. You may check the estimation price for the shipping at here.

Step 3: Fill up your mailing address including the tracking number at the declaration page.

Step 4: You will get a notification once your products has been shipped to Hong Kong and by that time only you make your payment via credit card or debit card. You can consolidate multiple package into one. Delivery fee are based on actual weight. Per pound is RM10. 

Step 5: Relax, sit back and your parcel will deliver to your doorstep. Don't forget to like BuyandShip Fanpage to be the first one to get the latest discount information.

Anyone crazy about ColourPop? Shine like a star with ColourPop. Add on " I Think I Love You" pressed powder shadow palette and Little League Matte Lux Lipstick into my shopping cart. The products will ship all the way from US.

I Think I Love You (From ColourPop)

Little League (by ColourPop)

There's no denying that most women from our side of the world prefer matte lip products. With the abundance of sunshine, it brings the long lasting wear on your lip.

Check out this cute SnackBox from Taiwan. Contain 7 exclusive items that ship all the way from Taiwan for only NT.1490 (RM198.67)

Why I fall in love with BuyandShip? 

  • Do you know BuyandShip do their delivery from their warehouse everyday and ensure their customer receive their parcel within 7-10 days? The efficiency of their service make BuyandShip a trustable and reliable transfer services. 
  • Delivery Fee is based on actual weight of each parcel and you can consolidate multiple packages into one.
  • You can monitor your your shipping status on BuyandShip website and they will update the location of your parcel.
  • No hassle in pick up from the nearest stores as BuyandShip will ensure the safety of your package and delivery directly to your doorstep.

Sign now with BuyandShip and start your shopping now. No worries on how to use BuyandShip as you can watch below tutorial. Get ready to shop for your favorite items from Hong Kong, US, UK, Taiwan. 

For more information, visit BuyandShip



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