TOYTAG Is Parents Smarter Choices For Homegrown Educational Toy Brand

August 09, 2018

Building up a healthy environment in a family need a full support from each members in the family. Bringing up process is important parent and also their children. Injecting a fun and informative learning process among children actually help them easy to visualize or learn. TOYTAG is a famous Homegrown Educational toy brand in Singapore.

TOYTAG background

As cliché as it sounds, Toy Tag started out as an idea. An idea to house the best, most awesome toys and games and everything else fun, all under one roof. It’s tiring to scour all over for these items in their respective categories. Be it the most cutting-edge gadgetry, the most delightful kid toy, the most stimulating educational game or the most tactical board games, Toy Tag wanted them all available at one pit stop: which is TOYTAG as you know today. 

Board Games

Board Games is one of the game that parents can pick up for their children. Board games allow parents to engage more with their children. TOYTAG vision is to have largest range of board game available in Singapore. Board games actually is a great parenting tools

Do you agree Board Games actually provide quality interaction between kids and parents. I know some parents believe their kids rather stick on electronic games compare to board games. But I not agree with the statement. Sitting together as a family actually can create a better interaction among family members.

At TOYTAG, you can select your favorite board game. Click on your choices for more information regarding the game rules, suitable for which age group and how many players involve in the board game. You can read the review from other customer or share the board games to your friend via social media.

In a positive way, this board games help to teach your kids.  It could be a simple as playing a math game to help them build on those skills, or as subtle as playing a cooperative game to help them learn the value of teamwork.

Coding Toys For Kids

Anyone of you still recall Tetris game that we use to play during childhood time? Tetris game is one of the famous coding games that able trigger your brain and produce better visualize. 

Beside Tetris game, TOYTAG offer different type of coding toys. Instead of boring reading book or attend the classic coding, why not choose the fun way learning coding. Let's take a look some of the coding toys that you can get at TOYTAG.

Micro Scooters

If you looking for mini scooters, TOYTAG is the best choice for you. As a parents, you might want to exposure your children for physical activities. Encouraging your children to start with micro scooters whereby this scooters are safe and designed to last. he kick scooters undergo a myriad of tests to ensure that it can withstand the pressure of tough play. Structured using only the finest parts, these scooters are built to be durable.


INOKIM create smooth and safety transportation for short distance. The INOKIM range of electric scooters is made to be lightweight and portable, making travelling fun and environmentally friendly. TOYTAG carries the INOKIM Light, Quick 3, Mini and Light 2 series. 

Why parents should consider TOYTAG?

  • The products that TOYTAG carry has go through STRINGENT testing process involving chemical reactions, lab coats and maybe a few explosions.
  • Customers can choose to shop online or via retail shop.
  • TOYTAG has variety of choices for educational games or board games.
For more information regarding TOYTAG, you may visit their website at

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