Tai Thong Offers New Flavor Mooncakes & Mid-Autumn Set Menu 2018

August 19, 2018

This year Mid-Autumn festival occur on 24th September 2018. This year Tai Thong showcasing new flavor mooncakes and Mid- Autumn Set Menu . Presenting a box of delectable mooncakes is a great way to share the love with your family.

Tai Thong New Flavor Mooncakes

Snow Skin Chendol Coconut RM19.50 

Tai Thong Snow Skin Chendol Coconut is infused with a rich flavor of chendol and fine coconut paste that will impress your taste bud. Love the localized treat that satisfied my craving.

Yuzu Black Tea RM19.50

Classic baked mooncake still our preference and this year Tai Thong brings a new flavor into their menu. Yuzu Black Tea crafted with aromatic citrus zest amidst the bitter sweet black tea flavor that give a balance in term of taste.

Imperial Musang King Royal RM98 (4 pcs)

Durian lovers will definitely fascinate with popular Imperial Musang King Royal snow skin mooncake. The luxurious Musang king durian filling definitely satisfied your craving. 

Tai Thong Premiun Box RM168

The best thing to be highlighted about Tai Thong mooncake collection this year is the Tai Thong Premium Box that can go well as a fine jewelry box, Bluetooth speaker or even a tissue box.

This premium box comes with 4 flavors classic baked mooncakes such as Golden Phoenix, Emerald Custard, Crystal White Lotus Double Yolk and Aged Citrus Red Bean.

Crystal White Lotus Double Yolk - Savor the delectable extravagance of double golden egg yolks, encased in fragrant sweet signature lotus paste.

Golden Phoenix - A medley of crunchy nuts and chicken bits, coupled with citrus tang of dried fruits, create sensational texture and delicious taste. 

Emerald Custard - A delightful mixture of fragrant cendol paste and creamy custard, this is the Malaysian's all-time favorite that can't be missed.

Aged Citrus Red Bean- The delicate sweetness of red bean paste is enhanced and highlighted by zesty Aged Tangerine Peel.

Tai Thong mooncakes is no added artificial colourings and flavourings. The mooncakes is certified HALAL by JAKIM and certified HACCP. Tai Thong mooncakes is available in Tai Thong restaurants, AEON, Tesco, Bens, Aeon Big, Sunshine Wholesale, Lazada, Shopee, 11Street. 
Mid- Autumn Set Menu 

Hot Plate Barbecue Seafood 

This glorious feast was certainly the highlight of the day. Featuring the smorgasbord and fresh ingredients, they have everything ranging from giant grouper, mud crab, sea prawn, scallop, fresh Huai Shan, fresh bean curd stick, fresh pine mushroom, fresh abalone cap mushroom and coriander. While for the soup base, diner can choose whether spicy chili, Asam and milky or Shantou Salted vegetables.

Charcoal Roast Suckling Piglet

Sinking your teeth into fragrant crispy pork skin that will satisfied your appetite. Tai Thong served perfectly roast suckling piglet.  The crispy skin on its back is shaved off into thin square slices, which are eaten with the bun.

Braised Abalone with Stuffed Fish Maw and dried Scallop

I love this dish as it loaded with lots of fresh seafood such as premium quality of abalone, fish maw and scallop. The fish maw braised perfectly as it a slight chewy texture. The braised abalone with stuffed fish maw and dried scallop gives the right texture.

Fried Rice served with Black Truffle and Fish Roe

Every grain of rice has been infused with the taste of truffle and the bits of fish roe to keep your palate excited. Truffles are really peculiar things as it compliment the fragrance rice and it so delicate. 

Charcoal Bun With Durian and Salted Egg Yolk

End up our lunch with scrumptious dessert: Charcoal Bun with Durian and Salted Eff Yolk and Double boiled snow pear with golden fungus and red dates. 

Double Boiled Snow Pear with Golden Fungus and Red Dates

Tai Thong Mid-Autumn Set Menu reflection of the best of dishes offering up familiar flavors with sincerity and heart; ensuring diners get both a gratifying meal and a visual feast. There are 2 set Mid-Autumn set menu that you can choose. For Set A is RM398++ and Set B is RM598++ and each set menu comes with a complimentary Tai Thong mooncakes 

Promotion starts from 1 August till 30 September. Placed your cooking by calling 1-800-88-2338 for reservation. For menu, visit www.taithong.com.my/mooncakesetmenu now!

Tai Thong Instagram: @taithonggroup
Tai Thong Website: https://www.taithong.com.my/

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