Exciting Possibilities for Your Online Flower Shop

August 02, 2018

Do you feel like your online florist Singapore website has been stagnant for a while now? You get the income you need to thrive, yes, but your website feels dull. There are ways to spice up your website such as a new media or promotional campaign or a new sale. However, if you want to incite a long-term change for your online flower shop, you can incorporate one or two of the following suggestions. 

Combinations of New Flower Species and Flower Arrangements 

When it comes to adding new products to your inventory, it’s always smart to research first before picking a particular species of flower. Is the flower known? How popular is it? Is there a client base for this particular species? Does it provide a great aesthetic when combined with other flowers for different flower arrangements and bouquets? These are just few of the things you have to consider if you are planning on such a change. Another thing you can do is come up with a new formation for your flower arrangement templates. You can even learn the art of ikebana to help stimulate your creativity. 

Additional Services 

Another great possibility for the improvement of your online florist is to add practical and popular services to your website. Since you are an online shop, it’s a given that you have a flower delivery service. However, you can offer some more in the form of express flower delivery or same day flower delivery. This is a great way to get busy people who have no time to deliver the flowers themselves to patronize your products. You can also offer special services like fruit baskets, special flower arrangement or baby hamper delivery. So as not to overwhelm yourself and your employees, it’s a good thing to implement one new service at a time. You can also gauge effectiveness of new services with this method.

Additional Websites and Social Media Pages 

What can be more thrilling for a florist online than coming up with new online pages for your brand? There’s a lot of creativity involved in making a new website or social media page, so if you are the creative type, chances are you will enjoy this. If you choose to go with this, you might need a professional online marketing team to make it successful—that is, if you are not familiar with the different online marketing techniques and tools. This move is ideal if you have a new major service to launch or a new branch to open.

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