August 14, 2018

Energizer® gave the 10 finalists of the Energizer® Shop In The Dark 2018 competition the greatest deal of all time when they won themselves a 15-minute shopping spree bonus worth up to RM12,000 per finalist at the grand finale yesterday at Giant Hypermarket Kota Damansara. The rush was pure euphoria for all 10 finalists as they fully utilized the precious shop-all-you-can chance without worrying about the dent in their pocketbook afterwards. 

Following the high participation level and public enthusiasm for the Energizer® Shop In The Dark campaign in the past two years, Energizer® brought back the competition for a third year, with entry submissions for Energizer® Shop In The Dark 2018 accepted throughout March to May. This year, Energizer® offered even bigger prizes and more ways to sign up, to reach out to a wider audience across the nation. The public could participate by taking part in the Virtual Reality (VR) challenge at roadshows in more than 60 locations in seven cities around Malaysia – including Sabah and Sarawak, as well as via mail-in entries and by playing an online game. 

“The Energizer® Shop In The Dark 2018 campaign received overwhelming response. At Energizer®, we strive to give our customers unforgettable experiences and as Giant graciously opened its doors to us, it was possible for our finalists to have this exciting shopping spree at Giant Hypermarket Kota Damansara. Congratulations to the 10 teams of finalists, who were well-equipped with headlamps fitted with Energizer® batteries that are 8x longer-lasting throughout their fun and exciting shopping spree in the dark here at Giant. This year, we decided to turn up the excitement by adding an additional element at the finale, whereby the finalists were not given a shopping trolley to use. This meant they had to be creative and agile to load up on as many items as possible. It was a tough challenge and they certainly gave it all they had, embracing the finale with as much excitement as we had in organising the event,” said Mr Lee Kim Chye, Energizer®’s Business Director for Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. 

Ten (10) finalists were selected for the grand finale of the Energizer® Shop In The Dark 2018 campaign, consisting of six (6) from the Virtual Reality challenge participants, three (3) from the contest form submissions and one (1) from the participants of the online game. They were able to shop till they dropped in a 15-minute shopping spree bonus worth up to RM12,000 per finalist. This year, the finalist teams were not allowed to use shopping trolleys and could only move in the designated one-way direction as they took to the darkened aisles of Giant Hypermarket Kota Damansara with their Energizer® headlamps. 

Energizer® batteries, groceries and other products flew off the shelves as the finalists swept away everything they wanted, subject to pre-imposed restrictions and rules. At the end of their shopping spree, all the items were paid in full up to RM12,000 per finalist by Energizer® at the check-out counter. 

With the added rules, the finalists identified home appliances as their top priority items in order to make the most of their precious shop-all-you-can chance. They strategically added foldable platform trolleys among their purchases in order to pile electrical appliances on it, in addition to filling their arms with more products, to achieve a bigger hoard. The strategy was used by most of the finalists to carry a variety of electrical appliances such as televisions, washing machines, pressure cookers, air conditioners and many more. 

The ten finalists of the Energizer® Shop In The Dark 2018 campaign who won a shopping spree are:
1. Mohd Fakri Ghazali (Finalist from Shop In The Dark 2016 & 2017)
2. Yap Hua Qing
3. Chee Jye Bao
4. Chan Weng Sum
5. Anorah Frezylah
6. Ahmad Daud
7. Tang Kam Hong
8. Tan Wei Jin
9. Halimahton Saadiah Aris
10. Huzaimi Amir Zainudin 

It was a brand-new experience for first time finalist Chee Jye Bao, 29, who never expected that participating in the Virtual Reality (VR) challenge would earn him a shopping spree. “I’m moving into a new house, and all I had in mind were electrical appliances. I teamed up with my brother but we did not have a list prepared, we basically just grabbed whatever we wanted. I enjoyed myself very much at the Energizer ‘Shop In The Dark’ 2018 grand finale as it was an exciting new experience for both me and my brother,” said Chee from Subang, who walked away with a total of RM8,075.70 worth of products, making him and his brother, Chee Jye Jiun, 36, the highest spenders among all 10 finalist teams. 

In contrast, third time finalist Mohd Fakri Ghazali, 37, and his brother, Mohd Faizal, 34, had it all planned. “I am a big fan of the Energizer® Shop In The Dark contest. Last year, I managed to shop for a total of RM3,500 worth of products. This year I managed to walk away with a total of RM 6,426.65 worth of products, thanks to my experience from last year’s finale and some extra strategy to overcome the challenge of the new rules. The challenges were really exciting for us as we really needed to last 8 times longer just like the Energizer® battery! We came a day earlier to analyse the layout of this hypermarket, to ensure we know it well. It was not easy identifying the correct aisles and items at times, but with the help of the long-lasting Energizer® battery, I definitely had long-lasting help in my journey to the check-out counter,” Fakri said gleefully. 

For more information on Energizer® batteries and the Energizer® Shop In The Dark campaign, visit https://www.facebook.com/EnergizerMY/.

About Energizer® 

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