July 08, 2018

Taking care of our personal hygiene is important and it shape our confident. This has to be start since young especially children transition into their teens.  There is no escaping the signs of puberty such as changes in their voice, mood and body. The obvious change that affects  teens is increased perspiration, caused by the apocrine glands located in the armpits producing more sweat. If you are active person, you will notice unpleasant smell or body odor.  Some teenagers may not notice it (though others do), while others feel awkward, confused and even embarrassed by the smell.

Thanks to NIVEA for creating an awareness by educating  teenagers about good personal hygiene and help them to manage sweat and body odour properly, supporting them through a phase of life that is often physically and socially difficult. In response to this need, NIVEA breaks the silence on personal hygiene with the ‘Penjagaan Diri Terbaek’ campaign, a nationwide school programme to educate teenagers about good personal hygiene.

The campaign is a long-term initiative, supported by a massive school roving team that will visit secondary schools in major cities throughout Malaysia, targeting students going through puberty. While visiting the schools, the team will share a 45-minute programme which will cover key aspects of keeping the best personal hygiene including underarm hygiene and protection, as well as personal grooming.
To engage with teenagers further, the campaign is also spurred by a catchy song, ‘LangkahBerkeyakinan’, to convey information about personal and underarm hygiene in a fun and interactive way. Leading the call as role models, Khai Bahar and Nabila Razali encourage teens to practice good personal hygiene in their daily lives.

“At NIVEA, we understand that teenagers sometimes need guidance and effective solutions to deal with the changes that they are going through. We hope that the NIVEA ‘Penjagaan Diri Terbaek’ campaign becomes a constructive and reliable platform for students to learn about and practice good underarm care and personal hygiene in the future. By just applying NIVEA deodorant as part of their daily routine, students can stay fresh, dry and comfortable all day and protect themselves against bacteria that can result in unpleasant body odours. We hope their newfound knowledge will enable them to empower other students by passing on what they have learned to start good personal hygiene habits today that will continue into adulthood,” said Mr. Ng Hock Guan, Country Manager for Beiersdorf Malaysia and Singapore.

To keep students engaged throughout the campaign, they can participate in the NIVEA ‘Penjagaan Diri Terbaek’ music video contest and share it across various digital media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram!

How to Enter?
  • Students simply have to create their own interpretation of the NIVEA song ‘Langkah Berkeyakinan’ in a video
  • Students can also using popular music sharing applications such as, Tik Tok and Smule. Share it on their own social media accounts using the hashtag #myNIVEA and #LangkahBerkeyakinan.

For more details, visit the official Facebook page for NIVEA,, and NIVEA Men, Students attending the educational talks will get a chance to try NIVEA deodorants, including NIVEA Pearl & Beauty Deodorant which offers 48 hours of protection and contains pearl extract for smoother, pearly-white skin; and NIVEA MEN Cool Powder Deodorant which provides an instant cool effect, powdery comfort and long-lasting dryness.

NIVEA Pearl & Beauty and NIVEA MEN Cool Powder are now available in all leading stores and pharmacies nationwide in 50ml roll-on bottle and 150ml Spray bottle at the recommended retail price of RM10.66 and RM16.51 (West & East Malaysia).
Follow to learn more about the NIVEA ‘Penjagaan Diri Terbaek’ campaign and to find out details of the music video contest. For more information about NIVEA products, please visit

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