Trustable And Secure Delivery Service Platform By myGDEX

June 15, 2018

Courier service has played an important role especially for those that doing online business or having a mortal shop. Acquiring the use of a courier service shouldn’t be done lightly. It is a big deal to entrust your goods into the hands of someone else. myGDEX is one of the great optional service provider to improve the shipping process efficiency and save a lot of time.

About myGDEX

myGDEX is an Online Shipping Platform, powered by GDEX to enhance our customers’ delivery experience. myGDEX aim to provide a user friendly and hassle-free environment for our customers. Shippers can now conveniently self-print consignment notes (CN) and lodge-in their shipments in any GDEX branches, lodge-in centres and drop-off points.

At GDEX, they are committed in providing quality delivery service and would continuously strive to be your trusted service provide.

How to send parcel using myGDEX ?

This is the first ever courier platform that provide fast, secure and user friendly courier service. No hassle in queuing post office and it safe my time just with one click.

Step 1 : Log in to myGDEX . Register as myGDEX member. You can choose to connect using your Facebook or Google + account. 

Step 2: Select " Send Package" either from homepage or your profile dashboard. 

Step 3: You may choose to send to single recipient or multiple recipients.

Step 4: Fill up both sender and recipient detail.

Step 5: Choose services whether you lodge in your parcel to the nearest GDEX or request for pick up. Remember to fill up your parcel detail and click on quote to get the total parcel amount. 

Step 6: Click "Checkout now" to proceed with payment or "continue shopping" to create another order. 

Step 7: Before checkout, you can consider to purchase supplies/ products if needed. You may choose skip if this process not needed.

Step 8: You may choose to pay with iPay88 or e-wallet. Once done, you will be issue with Consignment Notes and invoice fro your tracking. 

Easy process right and you can prepare to send your parcel out. 

These are why you'll love myGDEX

1) Secure and user friendly courier service platform. With one click, you able to send your parcel to recipients.

2) Auto-generated consignment notes for tracking. You can check your shipment anytime an anywhere.

3) No volume commitment required.

4) Attractive e-wallet scheme and member price. just top up your e-wallet and enjoy more discounts. myGDEX offers attractive rewards system as you get to enjoy free flyers, freecredit and free pick up arrangement when you use your e-wallet.

5) convenience as myGDEX provide pick up service with minimal charge.And you can trust on myGDEX service. Indeed they provide a good customer service.

6) Provide Packing supplies store - No worry the packing process as Packing supplies can be easily purchased at our online supplies store. Ordering is just one click away.

7) You get the best rate from myGDEX. 

For more information regarding myGDEX, feel free to visit myGDEX website at

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